So... what happened with this "proclaimed new way" to help steem?

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Are the GPT's every gonna come out? Was it just a one off push to boost steem? I would love to know your thoughts. I have read alot about this (similar to SMT) and then I have heard NOTHING about it since.
From what I know it is a proposed way to help balance the inefficiencies and loop holes in the whole steemit system... From bidbots to circle jerks, it was proposed to stop it all. I for one would love to see those two things come to an end by any means!
What I know about GPT:
Account based voting- Creative value vs Wallet Value which is HUGE!
A stronger individual verification process
Super linear Rewards: returning to some of the older methods of curation/reward payouts etc

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Very interesting your article and the infographic. I like your blog. Greetings from Venezuela, Latin America