I love the layout of Steepshot App and how it displays our wallet info

in steepshot •  4 months ago


This @steepshot app sure needs an update to correct the auto rotation of images .. I wish someone knew why that happened but the wallet page is so fresh and clean it makes up for it!

Anyway please remember to buy some dlux.io tokens and support @disregardfiat
I need to ask @desmond41 to send some steem to @dlux-io and maybe even trade @yensesa and @dlux-io tokens now that would be nice for PR... I really see them as undervalued and as two great projects I am very excited about because they are opportunities to get in on the ground floor on game changers.... Yensesa can end up being The Coinbase of all west africa and Dlux.io can end up being The STEAM of Steem... oh theres so many things... oh so many things... just go check out the posts from @markegiles @disregardfiat and @dlux-io

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Wow but sir why i donot find steem dollars.

It seems that we found out the reason of rotated photos and this fix will be soon available with the next update

@sujonxr swipe right to see the steem dollar wallet and it shows up with a green background