Almost full moon

in steepshot •  6 months ago


Although according to the calendar we're not having yet a full moon, according to its shape it sure looks like. It also reflects great in the water and by having this moment I am thinking that I should buy myself a proper camera for this kind of moments. As much as I like my smartphone camera and the fact that it is mobile it's not what I need for such "instas". So, I'm hoping Crypto Santa will put something "proper" under the tree this year...if it gets out of the bears forest...

How's your weekend?

Thanks for your attention,

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You don't need extra camera neighbour. Just buy Huawei P20 PRO :-)This photo is probably taken from your boath. Enjoy and happy fish catch in the morning :-)


Thanks. Maybe next year Huawei will release P30 PRO 😁

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