I wish you all a happy steemy day!

in #steemy4 years ago

That's right! Today is steemy day. We celebrate censorship and freezing of funds for exchanges and ordinary users. This is the core value of steem. If we don't like you. We just freeze your account and take all your hard earned money from you. And the best: all the top20 witnesses keep sucking my tiny cock! Because with out my vote they wouldn't be top20 :D I completed my mission in centralising steem and these idiots actually believe they have something to say. Hey @royliusteem remember me to fark some more rewards. It's so easy. I would like to thank @justyy for swallowing my cum for a few weeks now. All I had to give him was 500k SP and some promises that both mean nothing to me. Haha! Take that Steemy community. I not understand why people would downvote me. Downvote is stealing and mean. Every downvote is just bullying people away from steem. We have to remove downvotes fast. Again I thank my friends @justyy, @bullionstackers and @crypto.piotr for their awesome support. Make TRON gr... ah. meant STEEM great again!

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