This is the Point of Debility of the O Bloody O

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People with blood type O are special people, because they can donate blood to all other blood groups, but people with blood type O can only receive blood from their own group.

O blood group, always appear to stand out amongst others. They have the spirit of leadership, proactive, energetic and have the ability to always keep focus. They also tend to be very strong and productive.

In Japan, people with O blood clots are always associated with certain types or characteristics. When doing job interviews, interviewers often ask what their blood type is. People with blood group O are described as responsible, committed, organized, focused, thoughtful and practical. They are also recognized as smarter and better than logic experts. This is because their ancestors are a hunter, who is always accurate in estimating and observing the surrounding environment to survive.

So, do people with blood type O have weaknesses? Yes, there must be, because there is no perfect human being in the world. People with O blood groups are more susceptible to certain diseases, such as heartburn, thyroid dysfunction, low levels of thyroid hormone and iodine deficiency. Such dysfunction can cause side effects, such as overweight and water retention.

During stress they can be very angry, so hyperactive and impulsive. Poor diet, lack of exercise, unhealthy habits and the tendency to stress make them susceptible to harmful metabolic systems, such as insulin resistance, delaying the activity of thyroid gland and obesity.

They also have higher levels of gastric acid compared to other blood groups, have a sensitive stomach and are exposed to ulcer. People with blood group O, must avoid caffeine and alcohol. Cafein is very dangerous for them because it can increase adrenaline, which is indeed high in people of blood circulation. People of blood group O are recommended for physical activity, at least 3-4 times a week.

Source from cuisine and health.

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