Bondfire and SteemXP Christmas Project!

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Yessss! I am terribly excited for this coming Christmas! You want to know why? It's because there will be new christmas music!

What's so special on this year's Christmas music? Of course you may heard from @angeljames right? It's called I Hear Sleigh Bells.

This year @steemxp will also be joining hands together with Bondfire community. Their aim is to sell 500 copies of the Christmas album and 100% of the profit sales will be given to Jireh Home, Tuaran.

Does the album accept SBD? The answer is YES! You can purchase the album with only 7SBD! PRE-ORDER is already available in Google Form, you can click the link here

Yes! There is a snippet from this album! Yeah can click this link below

There will be 10 local musicians in Kota Kinabalu featured in this album. 10 songs altogether with their own original christmas song! Another new Christmas song list will be added to your playlist this year. Who knows it will be your next favourite Christmas music right? So place your order right now, with just 7 SBD you already help the unfortunate children in Jireh Home this year!

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A lovely idea and I was so pleased to see you make it possible for payment in SBD (not that most of us currently can earn it, since all earnings seem to be divided between STEEM and SP).

Still, I do think you have shot yourselves in the foot...are you not aware that many people who are here, came here because of FB, Twitter banning them? Those same people are not likely to want G00gle to have their Steemit details.

The irony is, the Lefties who are not banned and persecuted by g00gle, are not likely to buy Christmas music.

Still, I wish you the best of luck.


Jireh Home, Tuaran

I presume that is in Malaysia?

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