How Productive Are You? (Quiz for Self Improvement)

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Hi, Steemians. I'm teacher Valarie. Often, I teach my students to be a productive pianists - practice makes perfect. But how about us, adults?

Are we productive enough?

Are we working ourselves to the maximum potential yet?

How do productive people work it out?

What kind of improvement do you think you need?

Take the quiz and calculate your points, you shall know where you stand, in the "Productive Community".

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Productivity Test

Add one point to yourself if you answer YES to the statements, then add up:-

  1. I'm always early - to wake up, to make breakfast, to work, to send kids to lessons...
  2. I look for more things to do - while waiting, I organise table or books...
  3. I work while sick - take proper medicine or just put on a mask, and go to work/school as usual...
  4. I enjoy hard work - I love the feeling of being busy and having a great deal to do...
  5. I play enough - just 30 mins of game or entertainment is sufficient to continue work...
  6. I race the clock - always compete time to finish one work or a chore, preferably I finish before time's up...
  7. I learn a lot from the past - moving on and eventually change myself to do things differently...
  8. I'm in self-controlmode - I can control my temper, swearing, emotions especially in difficult moments...
  9. I sleep enough - properly sleep 6 - 8 hours a day, not more and not less...
  10. I watch minimum TV - entertainment I will enjoy but just for while...
  11. I am active - I'm ready to engage or involve in any activity...
  12. I make it happen - I call, I text and I write, I don't wait for it to happen...
  13. I set new precedents - I am the new example of doing things, people look at me as a role model...
  14. I take the initiatives - I assess and initiate/start things independently...
  15. It's hard to distract me - it's hard to prevent me from my focus or concentration...
  16. I am a thinker/leader - I often think deeply and seriously...
  17. I accept injustices - I accept unfairness, offences & discrimination, they won't affect me...
  18. I go ahead without (if necessary) - I can let go with an open heart...
  19. I take risks - something possibly unpleasant or wrong will happen, bring it on!
  20. I run to places - walking is too slow for me...
    Now, add up the points and check your result below:-

Scoring Points

18 - 20: You're an awesome producer! Big boss of productivity.

15 - 17: Be proud of yourself, you're quite productive.

11 - 14: You're an average producer. There is room for improvement.

9 - 11: Not good enough - be friends with more productive people.

1 - 8: Don't procrastinate! Do what you're supposed to do now!

Thank you for using my test as an assessment. I hope you like this kind of quiz. More to come, please do follow me @harmonyval.

My draft

Here's what I found and I salute this quote:-

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