Properous Journey of Chinese New Year 2020

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With Chinese New Year just 2 weeks away, our city are turning red with beautiful decorations. Likewise for Imago Shopping Mall never fail to put up elegant decoration for every festive season. You can check my previous post here

This time the theme is Prosperous Journey for year of rat 🐀🐀


At the very center of this Chinese golden structure, a vert large LED screen were installed.


At each 4 corner, there were smaller red gateway structures. Each side of the gateway there were golden rats 🐀🐀and flowers 🌸🌹🌸🌹 decorated.

The mood it gave was truly truly oriental. Love every bit of it. The designer of this are truly artistic and creative. This is a work of art!

I managed to snap as many photos as possible before people started flocking in.

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