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When you look what do you See? Most of the time we see what we want to see not what is actually there.
To make sense of life you need to look and observe to actually understand what is before you not some vague perspective of what is there.
Perspective is very important because without perspective we as human beings interprete alot of things wrongly .
I will make a reference to marvel's "avengers infinity war" thanos saw saving the world be reducing world population while the avenger saw him as destroying the world.
Some things we may want to achieve are done with good intentions but have negative effects so we should always try to things clearly and analyse properly before carrying out or laying out our opinion on something.
Also these days what is seen in the news( on tv,radio,news papers) isn't always what is true "many" stories by journalists aren't written to explain but to confuse the general population.And this propaganda is mostly sponsored by (money,diamonds,oil e.t.c) for selfish interests.
When we know things like this we may feel hopeless but there is always hope, all we have to do is dog depper when we hear or see anything instead of taking any news we hear or see without validating it.
So this tells us that we shouldn't allow the wrong perspective of any situation to cloud our thinking of we really want to be true to ourselves.

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