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Oh man, that I would do something like that I would not have thought myself, but if the shit is steamed once you just have to take unusual measures what I try today.
( I am forgiven.😎)

OUR BELOVED @steemchiller is on the verge of burnout, at least he's not really well at the moment ( and now it's up to us, the "professionals" to free him from his misery and heal him.

As a self-proclaimed senior physician, I simply diagnose his "illness" as a severe depression, with an increased amount of frustration, as well as a serious lack of oxygen.
No wonder!
How could the good man, who I think is mastering the wonderful #steemworld on his own, make 90% of all those present in this bizarre world happy, because without this unique tool they would quickly lose track, be healthy, if the earnings for his fulltime job from some homemade laws, always remains a gamble.
You would have to get sick this way.

I WOULDN'T GIVE MYSELF THE DOCTOR'S TITLE, I wouldn't have a promising recipe...

Of course I know that most of us support him again and again, and rightly so, but it seems to me that there is a lack of continuity.
How can the "sick man" ever find time to chill when he has to fight for his daily survival while doing good to thousands of people?
Should the poor guy be looking for an ordinary job?

Over the years of my life I have learned that money does not necessarily make people happy.
But I have also realized that it can be incredibly reassuring if you don't have to reinvent yourself every day in order to get the money for survival. A certain financial security has its advantages.
There were times when my wife provided me with existential security and I could devote myself entirely to my experiments, try out different things and ultimately earn good money and thus contribute to our common survival.
It has always worked.
But those times are over.

What has remained is that today in real life I rip my ass open every day, always balance on the financial abyss, do good to many of my fellow men, even if it may not seem so at first glance and I often feel myself as the loser, the misunderstood and underestimated sunshine of a pack, to whom it has become a habit that the sun shines and it simply takes for granted and normal that it is so and forgets that the sun can also darken.
I digress.


Therefore a very simple idea came to my mind, which is also in your hands to realize and which is easible even for a technical zero number like me.

On the first calendar day of each month, I will launch an appeal for donations.
I will remind everyone to do something good and not to forget to give a donation to @steemchiller's account, which can be paid in Steem, SBD or any other way and should be about the value of an US dollar.
There's NOTHING TO WIN, except an unusually good feeling - perhaps.

Should all the inhabitants of #STEEMWORLD participate, @steemchiller could surely work a bit more relaxed and go on vacation to get some fresh air and do things that can't be experienced in front of the computer.
We would still have the full overview in this crazy SteemWorld and the creator of it, returns full of energy from the holidays and gets back to work fresh and happy.
Everyone is happy and the patient is healed. Hopefully.
It should be worth it, shouldn't it?

So start saving up, December 1st is payday!
Besides my donation, also the proceeds of the future appeals for donations flow into the world of Steem and of course I know that even a dollar in Steem per month is not easible for some, but I also know that others can add to it.


If this proposal makes sense, is worthy of criticism or even abhorrent, please let me know in the comments.
( I will donate the payout of this contribution to @steemchiller. )
In this sense ...


PS. Many thanks to the young woman from the north of Germany, who helped me with the translation of this article! 😎

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Fantastische Idee und ich versuch da regelmässig mit zu machen!
1.Dezember ist schon rot im Kalender angestrichen!
!BEER und !invest_vote von mir

I also treasure this man and all he has done for us, unfortunately I do not have the financial power to be of real help. I am certain there must be others like me, so I tried to think of a way that I can do something positive, rather than just excuse myself.

I thought if I delegate about 10% of my SP, would that help? (about 100SP), but for that idea to be of help, he would need about 2000 of us to maake a delegation of about 100 STeem by each of us...and even then, his earnings in US$ would only be a part of what he needs to survive.

Does anybody else have a better idea? For instance: A pity we cannot use a bid bot, isn't it?

An example:, if I could make a 10 Steem bid every day 7 days get back my 10Steem directly into my wallet, with the earnings going to Steemchiller, it means I would have to dedicate 80 to 90 Steem for earning him at least 7 to 10 Steem a week. A thousand of us do that and it becomes interesting eh? Not really? Oh yes, he (and the bid bot) would get attacked by the crap flaggers....

But don't worry, steemit itself is being assassinated and soon...oh no, I forgot, the newsteem description guarantees that soon our steem will be worth $10 each....that is according to how the witnesses 'feel', so who am I to argue?

You renounce rewards. But you can send all the rewards to @steemchiller.


Will gladly do so!

Had thought of it, but worried that if those who had fun flagging me see I have diverted the rewards, they'll flag and negatively affect my beneficiary.

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Yes of course

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I agree with your idea and I will send @steemchiller my montly donation.

Another option exists, too. I started adding @steemchiller as a beneficiary setting in my daily #rsslog posts 6 days ago. For example, see here. Anyone who makes use of steemworld can do the same in their own posts through steempeak or steemit.

Dazu kann man nur prost sagen.
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Das Payout betrachtend, ist dieser Beitrag mal wieder ein Beleg dafür, wie gut wir mit unserer Muttersprache in einer starken #deutsch Community aufgehoben sind...
Dennoch schön, dass du dich mit deinem wichtigen Appell auch internationale Pfade zu beschreiten versuchst. Wobei ich mir immer noch nicht ganz sicher bin, ob es im Englischen "steamed shit" als Ausdruck gibt... 😎

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