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RE: SteemWorld Update ~ Claim All Rewards / Account Tokens Overview

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hello @brendanweinhold, i can see you are all new to the steem blockchain and peobably, you might not even been able to post because you luck the knowledge in getting enough resource credit to even help you post. The steem blockchain is not a place like facebook or instagram, where you can like as many post like you want without suffering any consequence.

Well to start with your resource credit recharges only 20% in a day, and you throwing the love around like you have been doing is why your resource credit is at 0.3% out of 100% now and you voting power is at 3.5%. You can check that here

At that percentage, any vote you cast is of no value, I strongly suggest you wait for 5days without touching your account in order for you to recharge your resource credit and voting power. Kindly make sure to keep your voting power above 80% after the recharge so you can enjoy from your votes.

Voting someone at 100% only deducts 2% of your voting power, so be advised to vote only 10 posts if you are going to vote at 100%. so if you vote at 50% which means you can vote 20 users. well i guess per the two you can calculate the rest according to the percentage you give.

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