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RE: SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #12

in #steemworld2 years ago

Great tool, I couldn't steem without it and have it in daily use!

A minor issue I found just now:
I think blue arrow for "request account recovery" is pointing in the wrong direction (this screenshot is from the account requesting the recovery).
Unfortunately, the recovered account doesn't load at all in steemworld, stuck at "70% - Loading 'Account Data'..." link


Thanks! I fixed the direction issue. The 'tags' in 'json_metadata' of one or more posts made trouble, therefore the account could not be loaded. Should work now ;)

yay, thanks, the account can be loaded now :)
But the arrow direction still shows the same as before for me (and now seeing the other account, I think recover_account also has the arrow in the reverse direction)

When I open your account @crokkon, it shows an incoming arrow for the request op and when I open @stmdev I see an outgoing arrow. Looks fine to me :)

but request_account_recovery is signed by @crokkon so I though an "outgoing" arrow would be correct there? In the same way, it is an "incoming" op for stmdev. recover_account is signed by stmdev, so I expected it to be "outgoing" the that account's steemworld page.

Wow, that's confusing. I though the account that wants to be recovered makes a request_account_recovery... If that's not the case, it should be the other way around, of course. I will change it ;)

thanks and sorry for keeping you busy with nitpicking details ;)

No problem. You made SteemWorld a bit better today ;)

The development of a great tool like steemworld deserves attention also for nitpicking details, isn't it? ;)

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