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RE: SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #37

in #steemworld2 years ago

Just found this awesome tool out and I was blown away immediately, the first instinct right after that was to vote you as witness only to find out you aren't running one. You are definitely going to be one of the most worthiest witnesses out there with this single tool alone! I’ve personally sent over 10 STEEM as a token of appreciation.

You mentioned that this tool was on a one-man mission and I really see amazing talent in the front-end development skills(of course you do equally good in back-end as well!). Are you working as a dev professionally in life? As a representative of @epicdice, we can really use this talent for some work and possibly collaborate more in the future.

Are you interested in earning some STEEM as another side-kick job, mainly in Front-end development? Would love to hear from you really soon.