SteemWoof - The Lonesome Dog of Wu Chang Street Dalian China

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She was quite friendly though rather sleepy from the heat and overcast weather.

I think she's an old dog who has probably had many litters of puppies in her life. I don't think she's a stray. She's too clean and comfortable in a spot that would get lots of foot traffic. I suspect her owner is shopping inside or maybe works here somewhere.

She seems quite helpless almost dead. I walk by here almost everyday and I have never seen her before so know she not the usual lost dog begging for scraps outside of the market. I got really close before she opened her eyes which worried me as I wasn't sure if I would startle her and she snaps at me.

Nope, turns out she is a suck, which is a good sign she had a good life, at least not fearful of people, though incredibly too submissive to a stranger. I guess the heat is just too much to worry about anything else, plus I might have a treat, which sadly I didn't.

Well, this tiny little dog could fit in my pocket and I could take her home. My cats would go nuts and this poor girl would be too old and scared to know what to do.

I'm sure she's going to be dreaming about the good old days when she was chasing balls and raising puppies.


she is very cute and yes you are right she seems to be dreaming about her good old days @solarguy

she seems indeed to have had a rich life of children, the poor thing deserves some rest. I hope she hass a boss that cares for her

The new Steem Mascot in China! #ssg

Cute puppy! I wish him to find a good home)))

Awww what a sweet story and bless you for giving her some loving attention :)
She loved it by the look of it.

?keep up the good work?

Looks so cute!

nice story telling, and this dog looks happy it was given some attention :)

Lol so cute dog. Upvoted

Hey solarguy, can you give an update on your ducks? They still alive after you donated them? You visit them sometimes? I must admit I miss their stories :p

oh you remembered the ducklings I had. I went by their new home a couple weeks ago and they seemed ok. I wanted to feed them some diced tomatoes but they were too full from other people feeding them in the pond.

I will try and go by there today and get some photos.

Yeah, I really enjoyed your posts about them! :)
Nice to hear they are well fed, hopefully not to become Hansel & Gretel...
That would be nice, I'm curious!