whalefountain progress

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today we did live testing of the whale spray. huge fountain burst. 4 nozzles for different effects. air powered valve open & closing. controlled with raspberry pi and 4g router.

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thx for the delegation to sndbox Roeland! :)

Are you planning to build Steem World park? :)

Nice one

Here is a link to my post on 5 health benefit of music, please do well to read. Thank you...

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nice one.. are you personally involve with it? @roelandp.life


yes. I'm doing the software programming.


Very nice! In what language are you programming it in @roelandp?


@yensesa yes the software. the air/water burst combo is done by my family in law. the whale itself was made in belgium. many people involved.

Hi @roelandp.life, are you still supporting community initiatives? Hope you dont mind check ours @bestofph :)

I really like your posts Mr. @reolandp. hopefully we can be a steemit partner who helps each other. Thank you

All I can say is a very resounding Keanu Reeves :"Whoooa". This must be amazing in real life.

Looks like a cool project!

How did you manage to get 7 tags on this post?


the limit imposed here on steemit is not hard set by blockchain but rather by the condenser index of 5. here you can learn more about the storing of the tags (using parent permlink field for storage): https://github.com/steemit/steem/issues/2024

my @roelandp.life account is exclusively used for @steepshot posts, iaw this post was made on steepshot whom have a GUI limit of 10 tags.


Interessant, bedankt voor de uitleg!

Wou, a whale that will throw water? That's great.
I made a small tribute to you for the support you have given me from @roelanpd, my eternal gratitude for your commendable work: https://steemit.com/art/@marpa/el-calamar-con-tentaculos-coloreados

Best for the day

Is this hooked up to spray each time you got a whale vote on your account :)


was thinking about that, most probs will make a steem-account where you can "pay for spray" :P

This looks like it's going to be awesome!

A terrible burst.
Are you @roelandp a witness who supports comedyopenmic?
And this is your 2nd account

hey it looks like a great project!

Looks like a lot of work, but some fun too @roelandp ... What is this for though?

@monetashi the guy supplying the boards wrote a cpp endpoint exposing addresses to the relays. i wrote a simple to address those relays in python and build a spraysequencer webservice on top of it with some intelligence looking at sunset/sunrise and pump-times and randomness.

Hope it was much fun and learning time. I am happy to listen more about you and life experience, struggle and many things you have done for steemit from MS-waves radio show. Have a good day.

Hello, I have followed you and got votes on Steemit, be kind enough to follow me. Let's create a great community. Thanks & Best Regards

Lol whale gone wild! haha.

I heard you're the one to ask about Steemfest 3...any news on that this year? Sorry to bother you about it on one of your posts!

Hello, I have followed you on Steemit, be kind enough to follow back. A job weldone

Interesting. It would be amazing to see a actual powerful car engine that ran on steam. Maybe in the future.

WOW, it's huge🤗


What the what?! How did I miss this? Fine detail on that beast you got there. I would be too tempted to ride it while it was going off. That sounded a lot worst than what I meant, but I shall let it stand! FUN STUFF up in here- up in here

Thank you for your up vote.

Wow is that a wale in the cage? The picture is very real.

i just had a spray. it was great! well done you! :)