Happy Belated to @KLYE

in steemwhales •  11 months ago

Just want to take a moment to say happy birthday to @KLYE and thank him for all the things he shares to increase everyone's knowledge and sense of humor! He introduced me to STEEM and helped me with my vote rating I mean what a nice guy! not often you get a guy that knows what he is talking about but also willing to share that info, VOTE FOR @KLYE AS A WITNESS

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Very art! Sadly my upvotes aren't worth much at the moment.. Here is one anyways..!

Thanks man.

Also just a solid guy to people in general. Blessed me the other day, so here's another cheers to klye.


ya good guy that one!

Good stuff!

Excellent post. Please vote,comment and follow me. :)

Genius. Please help me to earn more. Upvote and follow me. I upvote you