Early XMAS Update on SteemWhales.com

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Distribution Graph

I believe someone suggested that to me, not sure who, but I Improved the distribution graph (on homepage) to include the top 1‰ (or 0.1%). Things have been moving recently for the distribution as the top 1% will soon control less than 90% of the total estimated value on the STEEM network. Also changed the name of 1-10% and 10-100% to Dolphins and Minnows.

Net Value Distribution on 14/12/2016

Evolution Graph

The evolution graph now shows the whole history since SteemWhales' birth. The daily graph was showing only past 2 weeks or something and was generally useless. This applies to any metric of course, here it is for the SBD:

All SBD in circulation, about 1 cool million

Weekly stats on profile pages

You can now see a graph for your whole history, at least since SteemWhales existed. Just go any user and select 'Weekly' on the upper left part of the graph instead of 'Daily'. Now that the website has gathered a bit of data I figured it was about time to show it.

Seems like there is more and more STEEM inside Poloniex users wallets

Profile Picture, Location, Link and Description added

SteemWhales now updates your metadata as well and makes use of it. I can now display your beautiful faces on the website (instead of the whale which will remain for users without a profile image), as well as location, website link and description. Check out ned's profile


I'm just trying out an ad network that works on bitcoin and that doesn't even require registration to start earning. I enabled 'Shady Ads' so click them at your own risks. All earnings of the campaign are public and can be seen at https://a-ads.com/ad_units/324254

Hope you guys are still enjoying the website. I think that was some good quality of life changes for the website that everyone will enjoy, from newcomers to Steem power-users.

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Thanks so much for this very cool too. I use it often!

I love that site! Thanks for the stats!

nice to have you back bro
may i suggest for Stats, to add more period/filters

  • datepicker from- to-
  • defined period 1d 1w 2w 1m 3m 1y All, etc

that would be fantastic ;)

I love steemwhales! Amazing work, Merry Christmas!

I love checking my stats, so thanks for providing this

Thanks for doing this, I love the site!


BTW I mentioned you today in my daily Report, I check Steemwhales every day, thanks again for this great Site!


Amen, it is such a useful site.

Thank you, the website is great!

I normally don't upvote posts whose curation rewards have already been spent, but your website deserves it. Maybe you'll even get to enjoy some of my whale vote-followers!

These are some awesome updates thanks, also question, how up to date is the value of steem being displayed?


The value used by the website uses the internal market (SBD/STEEM) to calculate the value of STEEM. So it's not perfect and you can see some minor difference compared to Poloniex for exemple. But I believe it refreshes once a minute.


I see thanks alot.

Excellent updates! Thank you so much for all you do!

I look at steemwhales regularly

Great updates to the site @heimindanger
I use it on a daily basis to see how I'm ranking and as goal markers.

RS and UV for you!

Great updates, so many of us use this site and send others to it also, it is great.

Question-- I have noticed some of the categories have fairly significant delays or lag behind the others, for ex. the "followed" column/category and at times others -- do you know why this is?

The followed column for people we follow is usually always WAY out of whack and never is even really close to current.

Thank you for this update, great work :)

Is Steemwhales down at the moment?


The data feed is down already since some days. Do you know how the author can be informed?


I leave him a massage in steemchat...

Steemwhales hasn't updated in a few days. All ok?


Something broke after the last update, thanks for your message. Should be good to run without interruption now :3

I think your tool is perhaps the best for Steem....