Steem Wars - Day 5 Color Challenge - Wednesdayyellow - Pictures by Gniksivart - Team'Murica

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Latrine Cleaner Gniksivart reporting for duty shamelessly plugging my son for todays battle!


Was wanting to do this post yesterday, but was spending time with friends and family celebrating freedom with my so. Bellow are some yellow pictures of said freedom celebration.

I don't know what good a taxi does on the back of a trailer, but when you'celebrating things such as freedom and 'Murica well as long as it looks awesome and makes a lot of noise doing it, we'll show those brits and aussies what it really means to throw a celebration.

For all those emergency responders that run into an emergency while all others are running out we salute you. You have our deepest respect. You are the light in the darkest of world that can bond us with even our deepest of enemies cough brits cough.

Finally a salute to all the servicemen across the world that fight for there peoples freedoms. I know there isnt much yellow in this picture, but had to post it anyways.


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