Now You can Carry Steem in your Pocket with Steemwallet(dapp review)

Steemit is growing everyday and that growth corresponds to an increase in users, increase in potential and naturally, an increase in risk due to the influx. With this in mind, it is therefore evident that a safe and secure means is required for the storage and transaction for all your steem and SBD.
The typical way to store steemand sbd is through the online wallet but with the use of this Steemit wallet I found on Stateofthedapps wallet category, you can now carry your steem with you where ever you go.

Steem wallet is a lightweight mobile wallet for steemit developed by @roelandp to give steemit users and "on the go" feeling and for convenience.Here is my experience on how simple it is to use this cool wallet.

Steem wallet is available on both Android and IOS devices. You can download the app Here if you use android phone and Over here for the users of the super fruit called Apple.

Setting up is as easy as pie. When the dapp is newly installed, you just need to input the username of the account you will like to manage and select add account. The account wallet will be opened, displaying the available steem and sbd in the said account. You will then be required to create a local authentication method by including a secure password and an optional fingerprint/touch Id identification, depending on the phone you use.

Well now you can view your account but can't make any transaction with it, to be able to do this, you will need to input your private key.
It only requires you perform this process once. An easy way to perform this task is by attemting to perform an action like "Send" and you will be required to input your private key to your steemit account and then verify this transaction by either inputing the local password you created or using the touch id method you used in your phone. As long as all the information is complete, you will have full control of the account in question.

You can manage multiple accounts with this cool wallet. Just tap close to where your username is displayed and you will be redirected to where you should type the new account name. When you do that, you can repeat the process above to gain access to this account as well.

You can adjust the themes and give it a different look that appeals to you by going to the settings. You can toggle between the currency that steem and sbd are compared to, select the node.There is a blocktrades interface that redirects your default mobile browser to their page incase you want to buy more steem or sbd.

Account creation is also made possible through an in-paid portal within the wallet that charges a small fee. If you're reading this without an account,you can use this means to create an instant one or use and create a free account that involves a waiting period because it requires manual verification

I am surprise that more people are not talking about this wallet and using it. This dedicated wallet brings steemit closer to you and gives one the feeling of finacial control of your account. As far as wallets go, it is efficient and easy to use. You can trust this wallet because it was created by @roelandp who is a popular and trustworthy steemian dedicated to making steemit an attractive place.

I would like to suggest that steempower transactions also get added. Adding the ability to power up, convert sbd to steem power and being able to delegate and undelegate steem using the wallet. Now that would totally reduce the need for going outside the wallet.

For more information
Dapp site
Android Download
Apple Download
Github source


Thanks for the review! But don't trust me, trust the code! Steemwallet is indeed opensource and on my github

Oh yeah. I was just acknowledging you, I included the github link in the post as well, it is our wallet :D

yes epicness!

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