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RE: Introducing v2 - many enhancements, including a SteemKeychain supporting Dapp Browser!

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Tried it out and lost a battle of SM there. Its great, any chance autologin can be implemented? I know that it might require some work on the site's end too.


hey to get the ball rolling, and to remind people about by @rishi556 with help of @heimindanger using CAPTCHA tpoken technology, i will get ball rollingt on INV integration with @banjo on discord and now steemwallet by @roelandp by DEDICATINg at least 25 Free Instant Account links to whoever wants to download and use SteemWallet but CANNOt because it requires a steem account and they cannot pay

I will give 25 free instant steem accounts to teh first 25 STEEMWALET app downloaders who need that free account, to reach me find ackza on discord

Id like to give these 25 free account links preferably people who dont already have a steem account. But if you are downloading this app looking to have a wallet for some steem you maybe have on an exchange, well i would be MORE than happy to assist you, and even if you dont have the steem yet and are just looking to download and play with it but are a fan of crypto, then i want to help. SO IF YOU ARE READING THIS and need a steem account for steemwallet app go to discord find ackza

I know @roelandp has existing onboarding system and probably something planned in the future but imagine THIS: We let a new potrntial user farm their new steem account, with cost 0.5 to 1 steem so you can have someone without keychain or anything just use by the @dtube creator hemindanger and fill some sort of @steemwallet captcha account untill they have enuf to pay for an account, maybe figure out who has earned what by assigning them a certain time and a certain rotating network of steem accounts to capture the captchas. On the captcha site, they just enter the account name and boom you get captchas filling up and when someone makes like 0.5 or 1 steem worth the bot can sell em for steemp, buy an INV token and redeem it on and send the link maybe @banjo by @inertia can even do it over discord and so... basically we can have anyone on discord even have a way to earn their own steem account and be given it over discord, banjo can also send steem engine tokens...

a user can farm their own steem to buy a steem account by doing captchas, it may take a while but a user can have ads playing in background or videos to farm even more TASK tokens that can be ready for them when the steem account is ready :) anyway, thats one way I thought to let people pay for their owns teem account using existing tools...

It's not GiftGover but, right?

oh yes i am so sorry ill go corrrect that

LOl giftgover hah i gotta tell @rishi556 about that typo lol

lol give delegation only to take i t away as a parnk :)

GiftGover is a work in progress. Giftgiver is love to the public. Haha, typos happen, I had them in my own posts from giftgiver too.

btw sorry for the lost battle :) During testing I lost quite some steem-dust on gamble dice sites :)

Should have made your own gambling test site :).

Don’t have time to play so most of my cards are delegated out. Was playing with 2 summoners and a fraction of the cards I had at silver league. No way to win that.

you mean (temporarily) permanent "unlock" right? So you don't have to sign every time?

For now I have implemented that once you "broadcast" a message, you can flip the "slider" just above "sign & broadcast" which says: "do not prompt USER again for": DAPPCLIENT:OPERATION. So you won't get the dialog everytime but go straight to "wallet unlock" - - - which is quite fast with fingerprint (android + ios) and face id.

Bro am i reading this post right, that your mobile steem wallet app can perform keychain functions on mobile!?! Because that would be huge, and allow the site thats keychain only by @heimindanger to work on mobile bow , wouldnt it?

WOW LOOK at this RIGHT ON MATE THANK YOU SO MUCH roeland! steem engine is MOBILE NOW

@fyrstikken @aggroed @someguy123 @surfyogi @thejohalfiles @heimindanger @neoxian I just made my first deposit and trade on steem engine using a Mobile Device, and keychain, no steemconnect, this is a huge game changer

steem ecosystem is about to grow to a whole new level, and I will offer a lot of my INV steem invite codes, and also we can use CAPTCHA token at to let new steem users FARM their OWN steem account cost and @banjo by @inertia could even deliver the steem invite link over discord maybe if they have accumulated enough Steem engine tokens on discord OR by accepting BTC and ALtcoins tips from @discordtip bot by unko so we can let people come in and send @banjo BTC or altcoins more popular than steem, banjo buys an INV and redeems 9or has a bank of links filled up ince a week or month etc) and we could end up with an amazing system with discord being the on-boarding funnel, where users pay for new accounts by farming CAPTCHA and even TASK tokens and even 0.5 - 3 steem worth of discordtips allowing users to get an INV token from crack it open into a steem account link via @banjo and discord has the built in phone verification ;)

( @pharesim and his could maybe help @fyrstikken tokenize all of his thousands of claimed fresh account links)

bro you are reading this post right.

you just made steem 10 times more valuable, and accessible. Thank you SO much roeland! if there was a steemwallet token id buy and stake! instead like i said i will pledge 25 steem accounts for new users of steemwallet who need them just i will post about it more on twitter i guess...or they can come to https;// to get them from me in a discord DM as a link from

If we could get on the dapp browser list it could help in ways we can only begin to imagine now, because that wallet people earn steem engine TSk tokens from mobile phones,

actually can we put in any url in the steemwallet dapp browser? lemme check

its there already under tools.

also you can go to any site via the address bar!

WOW I SEE THAT NOW AMAZING I was able to use by @heimindanger

TASK on Mobile is amazing now! Peopel can earn steem engine TASK tokens from their phopne anywhere in teh world! I plan on joining @dtube creator @heimindanger in making so many tasks we can oen ay hirepeopel full time for a TASK FORCE maybe even buy landin Nigeria or Ghana with @mcsamm and @steemgh to create a army of TASK FORCE workers living in cheap shipping container houses we can tokenize

maybe we can get TASK listed on the officioal steemwallet list? :D I love this man thank you so much! your saving steem lol

This is really amazing initiative @ackza

Love the app, though I'm having a bit of a problem. I imported all of my keys and the only thing that has worked has been steem monsters so far, I tried a few gaming sites and steem engine, and when I go to log in I get a pop up message saying "no key found for theb0red1 in wallet". I might try deleting and reinstalling the app to see if that helps.

Edit to add: ok I uninstalled and reinstalled and now the only thing I am able to sign in to is splinterlands, anything else it doesn't even try to bring up the login transaction to sign, all pages I tried just turned dark and do nothing... I'm on iOS if that helps.

can you try: "Factory reset" in the app, exit it with the "swipe up & kill" and see how that works for you? Are you trying to login with "theb0red1" ? Please note that every dapp which "uppercases" your first letter in the username, please lowercase it!

"Just turned dark and do nothing" - I have not seen that yet. I have some iOS devices here and have no problems running...

Lets get this fixed for you!

The factory reset option seems to have helped, it's working now! Thanks for your help 😀

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