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Like marriage just a football club
They can not get to the playing field alone.

The link to the husband and wife deal pleasant
Marriage has become.

The head of the household as simply funding
The hostess can be noted that the case is not perfect.

The head of the household responsibilities ....

  1. to hold down a job
  2. to understand the use and waste
  3. family all the time, which you can
  4. alcohol, gambling, Avoid whatever pleasure you can not
  5. children found time to pay you for the warm
  6. can secure the moral married
  7. Worship Buddha Parent Teacher
  8. increasing the knowledge and reading
  9. We need to distinguish the positive
  10. Awareness needs to be high-minded
    (11) wife respects the value yourself
    The children and the environment is respected)
  11. the pressure of work in my house and not let it explode
  12. faithful, Warm behavior
    Please wipe the sweat of the hostess
  13. Speaking in rough beatings and hostess
    Should not

Head of the family, wife of resort as well
Children as the ideal person
We need the privacy of your "moral".

The hostess is not "survive" the house as well as
Some children's lives can be "smart"

A housewife responsibilities

  1. conditioning
  2. the relatives on both sides of the ruble could be offered
  3. as well as from the extremely beauty, I love you
  4. Beware of living speech
  5. income
  6. holding the truth
  7. Even if you can sheet leaves the line is important to the
  8. are believed to worship Buddha Parent Teacher
  9. Avoid gambling
  10. the words of my husband than ယုံကြည်မှူ
  11. Please respect my husband (the heavy children and
    Respect for the environment)
  12. husband, Work Friendly Whether or not satisfied
    And communicate as usual
    Horn 13) Desirable smile husbandwounds
  13. the words of the husband when cautious

Marriage is the most important is the "ego"
Love less than ယုံကြည်မှူ Understanding and consolidating the balance
enjoy the ruble to strike a balance between the reduction side
"Truth" helped to strengthen the profound love

Actually, it is to become a good model marriage
Both want to be related to your life
Only by putting the fun will not become generic.

Regards ♥ ♥

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