Crossing the desert Hundreds of camels have died

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Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and cut off contact with the farmers in the country instead of the number of people who drive the camels in drought, He died of thirst are experienced.

Some animals are called Alan Knight fauna on the border with Qatar and Saudi Arabia have agreed to insufficient food and water travel in relation to death.

Many animals are killed in roadside conditions. Saudi Arabia, Qatar nationals ordered to leave country in 1 hour in a statement.

And rushed to leave the region in a number of animals, about 15,000 sheep and 10,000 camels.

The camel's owner, Hussein al-Marie comes back, '' Saudi. I had seen on the road more than 100 camels. Hundreds of camels, Sheep were missing, '' he said. Other unnamed breeding carpenter said, 'I killed 50 sheep and camels 5 bodies . And about 10 other bodies are missing. They do not know anything anymore, '' he said.

To see the video that is too low for departures hp is very blue, because of the multitude of animals die of thirst and other difficulties.
Shocking scenes, animals are too rough with tremendous pressure. While some of the camels, the ex died Friday.

The local reporting is a difficult journey to the floor, killing nearly 100 camels released.

The camel owner Al Jamaica claimant '' is a very bright long. Lost in the desert and camel wrestling is dying, '' he said. '' Dead, Some with broken foot Some have been hurt or missing chopped '. '' We need some small animals, maternal milk. They, too, '' he said.

Qatar is only 4400 square miles 0 0 830000 square miles, by its neighbor Saudi rely on the country's vast area of ​​animal grazing it.

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4th pic makes me cry. So sad. Poor camel :-(

those are great pics I like them thanks a lot for sharing and keep on posting ;)

Very sad to man kind affecting animals life