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Because of the hard fork, much of our software scripts are not working properly. Voting seems to be working without a problem, but adding new account and removing failing accounts are not working.

We are working to resolve the issues and appreciate your patience.

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811 upvotes within 25 minuten. Mostly automatic I suppose. It seems has a lot of users.

This is how Steem Voter is monetized and made worthwhile for its creators (and allows us to continue using it for free). The system automatically uses 1 vote from each Steem Voter user to vote on these status posts, so yes, most of those votes are automatic ones (and we get nice curation rewards in the process, so win-win!). I like to use it as a gauge of how popular the service is.

It was a lot more popular before we accidentally lost some people's rules. We lost a few big users when that happened. We will regain!

Oh well, chalk it up to growing pains, it happens. Hopefully they will return!

It would be nice if you added a "Rules Backup" button which would dump the rules to a plain text file on the user's computer. Then they could save them, and even edit the text file (which might be easier than clicking all the GUI buttons for bulk updates), then re-import it as needed.

We have actually talked about this, and it is in the plan once we are done with this phase!

Awesome, glad to see you guys are thinking ahead!

i have issue - the registration mail never came to me. im on self-hosted mail with low spam assassin setup.

Email us at [email protected] from that email address and we will manually confirm your account.

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