Stats Dec 27th (advance) 2016

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General Stats

  • 784 Accounts
  • 8011550.238553342 Collective Steem Power
  • 27318 Voting Rules
  • 818497 Votes Made
  • 17.6898 Average Vote Delay

Top Authors

  1. @steemsports
  2. @curie
  3. @knozaki2015
  4. @gavvet
  5. @charlieshrem
  6. @thecryptofiend
  7. @sirwinchester
  8. @ozchartart
  9. @ericvancewalton
  10. @papa-pepper

This is a payment post! Thank you for allowing us to use your accounts to upvote this post! Anyone not signed up for is welcome to do so or just vote this post to help the project.


If you're going to make a payment post, then please put some useful content in it. It must add value to the site. Otherwise, you're going to start getting flagged for junking up the trending page.

What would you suggest? We like to provide stats so our users know the current status of our site. We already do Authors Spotlight and valuable updates?

Our members like to read the stats, see below for an example comment. We only post stats 3 times per week, the other days are Spotlight posts to bring attention to select authors. Today was an anomaly, we posted the Spotlight on same day as the stats post, we arent posting anything tomorrow. Stats are content too and subjective value to the reader, same as market data is valuable to investors and interested parties.

Your members read the stats, and that's enough reason to put this junk on the main page? If it's for the stats, then can't you provide those someplace else, like a chat channel then? I have a stake in Steem and I want to see high quality content on the main page. If you must run a payment post to pay for your business model, I'm sympathetic (we've done the absolute minimum of those to support Curie's business model to help reward good quality content creators who are not getting noticed otherwise), and still have people who work hard and barely get paid) , but (1) I do not see how your business model requires this, aside from your minimal bot costs and you getting the rest of the profit from these posts, and (2) if you are going to auto-vote for random posts from the random people who sign up for SteemVoter, then what value does that add to Steemit?

P.S. Didn't you have some previous "fundraising"? I fail to see why all this money is needed to support your auto-vote model.

Dear @donkeypong, thank you for your engagement, we have since discussed privately on and we are all good. Was nice to catch-up again after a long time, we mutually decided that Spotlight posts can add value to author discovery and will experiment with having Spotlight only posts. It is great value to the authors and community so let's see where this project takes us. Best of luck with your curation projects as well, we will be collaborating now and then I'm sure.

Thank you. I enjoyed our private discussion and learned much more about your plans. Spotlight posts are always welcome, as is high quality curation (whether manual or bot-based). I had not fully understood that you are manually choosing which posts to reward, and that is fine with me, so I withdraw my comment about you rewarding "random" posts - it sounds like you are not doing so. Pure moneymaker posts (if they don't add independent value and content to the site) are more difficult to justify, but I am a fan of good spotlights. Looking forward to watching this progress and good luck!

Awesome, thanks my friend! :)

Thanks for the stats again, it is good to keep track of such good records building up to more goodness for us all. Namaste :)

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See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: Dec 26 - Part II. You can also read about some of our methodology, data analysis and technical details in our initial post.

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Hi, please email us using your origional signup email to [email protected] and we will happily assist you with your issue.

my original signup email is [email protected]
I've reset my password several times but, still unable to access my account. Would you please, send me login credentials to this email [email protected] ?

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