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RE: Steemvoter and MinnowBooster are joining forces

in #steemvoter3 years ago

This is an amazing news. These two services already owning the steemit and now their collaboration should be bombastic. With their merger, I would recommend @minnowbooster to increase it's upvote percentage per post. Because for many days, I am experiencing very lows upvotes on posts which is actually not that great. For the occassion of their collaboration, this should be done. I request @minnowbooster and @steemvoter to give a thought to this point. Thanks for everything guys.


Thanks for your feedback. We think there is room for improvement with @minnowbooster's bot service, and are experimenting with some changes that should offer better performance. Keep an eye out for @minnowbooster update posts which will be coming frequently as the service matures.