My Steem Journey - Update 11

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Hi everyone, another week had passed and it is time for another update of my STEEMJOURNEY. I actually didn't have enough to add with regard to what I did in the Steem blockchain in the past week as I am away on holiday with my wife... because it's my birthday week. We went out of town for a few days with limited Internet connectivity and to be honest, I don't want to divide my attention by checking my Steem account.

I just came back last Friday but only made two updates - one for my SBI lotto contest and one for the UFM lotto contest, which both didn't have a winner so the prizes just got rolled over to the next draw. So if you're reading this and want to have a chance to win the prize, visit the respective posts for each contest and put in your entries.

Before I went on holiday, I mentioned in my previous update that I will get rewards at Steem Monsters previous season. I got 9 cards free having finished in the Bronze I league. I claimed my rewards last night and I got lucky to get 2 rare cards and 2 legendary cards out of the 9 rewards. Not bad, considering the time I cut off from playing the game to concentrate on writing content instead.

Starting this coming week, I will begin posting series of my gardening hobby as the first month of spring here at the Southern Hemisphere is nearing its end. For now, let me share one of the photos I grab during my holiday.


This is Queenstown, a popular tourist destination in the South Island in New Zealand. This resort town sits on an inlet around Lake Wakatipu and is also surrounded by the mountains of the Southern Alps.

At the moment, I started receiving (my two recent posts) downvotes from @mack-bot. I have enquired it through the Discord server but I haven't got a reply. That's all folks for now and I appreciate your feedback about my thoughts by commenting below.

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I'm sorry mac-bot is dv-ing you. I'm sure it's not personal.


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