My Steem Journey - Update 10

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Hi everyone, another week had passed and it is time for another update. For this post, I am sharing my photo chosen for the 7 challenge, my Steem Monsters rewards for this season, updates to my lotto contests, my birthday week, and what my posts in the coming weeks will look like. I am posting this update a day early as I am heading out for a few days to have a holiday. I might not also be able to update my blog as my Internet connection will be limited and I want to enjoy my vacation as much as possible.

I missed joining the *Steem Power Up Day on the 1st of September. I was so busy with all the things happening back then, including the time when the blockchain halted. So last Monday, I joined again - actually there are only two of us who joined the daily contest, which for Monday, the area assigned is the Australia-New Zealand region. I got lucky to have won the daily contest, organized by @czechglobalhosts. While there's no actual Steem reward for my win (I still need to beat the other daily winners to get 20 Steem as the weekly winner), being recognized and featured in several succeeding posts by @czechglobalhosts is enough for me. I actually have some followers that came from this contest. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I hope I can make it to being the weekly winner. The photo that I entered into the contest is the one on this post.

I still have to find a winner for my SBI Lotto Contest. The prize pool for now after 8 roll-overs has a total of 27 SBI units. The same happened to my UFM tokens lotto contest. No one has joined the contest and the draw is today, so definitely I will roll over the prize for next week's draw and an additional 4 UFM tokens which are the rewards of the previous lotto post.

Another season of Steem Monsters will end tomorrow and even with my limited time of playing, I will still snatch nine (9) cards as rewards for being in the Bronze I league. I will post the what I got for my rewards when I get back and I hope I will be as lucky as before - when I got four (4) rares from 10 cards.

I am actively posting in Steem in the past three months. I regularly post my ActiFit numbers (I think it was only about three times that I missed) daily. On a weekly basis, I update my lotto contests both for UFM and SBI, even my then-Steem Monsters lotto contest. I shared photos I took from various places here in New Zealand. When I started being active again back in June, I was also actively sharing DLike links. I stopped sharing DLike as I preferred to write content instead of just sharing somebody else's. Having said that, I began writing my own content which primarily focused on money and finances, and Steem in general. Spring has begun here at the Southern Hemisphere and this is one of my favorite seasons as people will be busy tending their gardens and start planting their seeds. I am an avid gardener too and aside from gardening being a hobby, it is also my business on the side, as I sell seeds of the plants I grow. So in the coming weeks, do not be surprised if you see me posting photos of plants, flowers, harvests, and other garden-related stuff. I will also have a series-type of posts - mainly growlogs of different vegetables and plants that I grow. With the many possibilities in the garden and the colorful views it offers, I think I will use the #colorchallenge tag more often.

Here are my current stats below. My account value significantly increased as I powered up 400SP the other day.

Stats to date

ItemsPrevious updateThis Update
Account Value140.83202.69
SBI Units66
Steem Power632.0111,033.337

*++ not included in previous update's stats
*staked tokens*

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That's all folks for now and I appreciate your feedback about my thoughts by commenting below.

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Another good update from you @kapengbarako.

Congrats on winning the contest! :)

Thanks Chris. Hopefully I can win the weekly contest, there's a prize of 20 Steem for that.


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