I renewed my Domain Name using Steem. Thank you Steemit

in #steemuse2 years ago

I was out of steemit for long time due to my study and personal reason. In the meantime, a lot of things happend in the blogging platform. I was not aware of that.

Due to Coronavirus pandemic, the world world is in lockdown now. Meanwhile, my domain name I bought on namecheap is about to expire and I lost access to my credit card. I wanted to renew it.

It is preactically imposible to credit card right now. I am leaving in a different world where getting the financial access is quite difficult. It is even more difficult to get a dollar access.

I was forget about steemit platform. Suddenly I remember it and use it for domain renewal. Fortunately, Namecheap allows to buy and renew domain with Bitcoin and others coin through bitpay. So I convert steemit and paid for domain renewal.

Domain names for just 88 cents!

Thank you steemit.

Please share your story of the use of steemit for personal benefit.

have a great time


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