Meet the newest member of the Homestead! BOOTS! The kitten with the crazy ears... ♥

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What a gloomy, rainy, afternoon!! It's okay though, when you have this cuteness to love on, it brightens up the day. ♥

Here is the newest member of the homestead: BOOTS! Isn't he a cutie?!


I mean, those EARS! Am I right?

I am house sitting and pet sitting for a friend while they go on vacation this week. I have to go to their house at night to take their pooch out for a last potty break. The other night, I could hear a noise in the trees. It was a crazy sounding noise, and at first I thought it might be a frog, since there is a little pond back there full of singing frogs.

NOPE! It was a lost, scared little skinny kitten, crying and crying for help. Very loudly, I might add....


I was there with Mr. Squid, and he was in favor of putting out some food for the kitten at the friend's house, in the hopes that he would stay down there.

Needless to say, I was NOT happy with that idea, and after giving him 'the LOOK' for a couple minutes, he caved and said FINE, we can bring it home but it has to stay OUTSIDE! Which is alright with me. He has joined our little group of outside tom cats that hang around and keep our homestead free of rodents, snakes, and squirrels.

I was a little worried about how he would fit in, and the resident toms aren't super thrilled with the new pesky little booger, but they tolerate him.


This is Socks. Socks looks like he thinks the new kitten is a total attention-hogging twerp. I keep catching them snuggling though, so I think he might actually like him a little bit. ;)

This story has a happy ending, thankfully, since we found the little guy before he was hit by a car or eaten by coyotes or dogs. He can live out his little life here with us.


A pox on the heads of the people who keep dumping animals out here. Seriously, 99% of the time, when you dump an animal in the country, it does not 'find it's own food by hunting', or 'find a new family with a farm'. Nope. Most of the time, they end up dying a long, painful death due to starvation, sickness, and/or injury. Please, for the love of God, rehome them or take them to the shelter!

Thank goodness we found him! Now he is well-fed, and is being treated for fleas and parasites and whatnot, and will live a happy, healthy life here. ♥



Thanks for stopping by to meet Boots the cat with the crazy ears!

Isn't he adorable?! Share your cutie cats down below! I'd love to see them! ♥


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We had a dog named Lucky one time. He was a drop off. I'll tell that story in the near future, promise.

When I saw the picture of Boots the song "Quinn the Eskimo" popped into my head. I have no reason why, just that it did. Maybe the ears make him look like he's wearing a tuque? I have no idea...

Looking forward to the story, haha!
Ive never even heard that song before... Ill have to look it up. ;)

I had a feral cat have kittens in my garden. Yep. Two cats to the addition. They are so cute and they were loved!

Shame on anyone who drops an animal.



Cats are just so loveable, arent they? Smart and funny. This little guy likes to follow me around while I do my morning farm chores. He is so small though, he cant keep up, so he will get confused and cry for me to come back and get him. ♥
Lovely kitty you've got there! Glad you were able to keep those kittens and they didnt have to go to the pound. ♥
Oh! Thanks for the tip! :D

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

There were three and I strong-armed my neighbor into taking one and she absolutely loves it. :) And yes! They are so precious and I love how they cry when they cannot keep up!

Boots s for sure so cute and I have dealt with THAT LOOK from my other half and almost always cave in 😎

Thanks for this great post and being an active member of @steemusa !tip

Bah ha ha, you know what LOOK Im talking about then. :D

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the tip! ♥ Love the @steemusa group!

Ohh yes for sure I do know that Look I did get it just a day or so ago :)

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I love kittens!

Me too! ♥

Those ears! You'll never mistake him for another one.... He's so cute :))

Thanks! :D
Haha he is unique for sure!!


LOL I thought you might like him :D

I 100% second that sentiment about not dumping critters in the country. Pets do not acclimate well to the wild and may become food for predatory wildlife, or be shot by irate country folk. Be responsible, please!

Absolutely! I have neighbors who have a 'shoot the stray dog' policy... NO DUMPING!

Oh he is the cutest sweetheart ever! You're right, THOSE EARS!!! I'm so glad you found him and that you keep him too <3 Really, this world needs many many more people like you.

It breaks my heart that animals are just abandoned and set out like that. It's so so sad. I wish I could rescue all of them.

Happy I found your blog! Thank you for being a awesome human being!

I wish I could rescue them all! At least in this case, the story has a happy ending. :D
Thanks for stopping by! ♥

What an adorable kitty! I'm so glad you found him and were able to take care of him. We, too, have a problem with stray cats that have been dropped off in the area where we live. We have adopted three of them over the years. One of them was the best cat we ever had. She lived with us for 15 years, and could easily have been 18-20 years old when she died of old age problems. I still miss her.

Awww she sounds like a sweetheart. ♥
I bet she lived a wonderful, loved life with you.

I don't have a cat and never have in my whole life. But looking at Boots is making it tempting.

They really are funny and interesting creatures. :D Get one and you probably will never be without one again... ;)

That sounds like a fairytale ending for this little one - I don't get why people just dump their animals :o

I agree. Maybe they think they are being kind? If so, they are sadly ignorant...
Yes, he will live a lovely life here, being babied by everyone. ♥

What a beautiful new kitty :) Those ears!!!! lol too much! I hope the other cats are good to him! I'm sure the kids are thrilled with the newest member of the family

Those ears are crazy! Haha!
Yes, they are in love and just baby him to death. ♥

Oh my god these ears, soooo cute!
Greetings from Furry.

Thanks! :D

Soooo sweet !! Kitten are always so adorable ^^ .. and you are right, the ears look sopo cute ;)

Thanks!! ♥

Aww he’s adorable! Yes love those ears, very distinguished and unique. How sweet of your family to take Boots in. Thank you for leaving that message at the end, this animal dumping needs to stop. We find so many wondering animals it’s so sad.

It IS sad and frustrating. :/
At least in this case, its a happy ending. ♥
Most of the time, its not this way...

Exactly! So glad you shared this happy ending with us ~ 💓

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