Technology Will Have Strong Influence In The Future, Not Economics Or Politics, And Steem Will Play Important Role (Bilingual)

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For over twenty years I have been talking about how silly we are if we keep on thinking that only economics and politics that influence this world. We have seen failures of economics and political systems and I do believe that we have to change it since a long time ago. We have to stop manipulations and all propaganda that will bring this world into its end, just like what is happening today, and technology can solve this problems. Technology will no longer as an object to take control this world, but it will be the subject of humanity. Togetherness and sharing will be very important to develop and to keep all of us growing, and to continue human civilization with a new history. I am happy, Steem blockchain technology already prepare what we need to in the future, the technology that have facilities for all of us to share our loves and ideas to develop technology that will change the economic system in this world. That is why I stay on Steem, though a lot of other people are offering me other social media platform on blockchain, but still they do not have what Steem has.


At the moment, we all are fighting to have freedom, democracy, and independency. We know exactly that is what we need since for all the past centuries we all were fooled by all of those theories which were used only for propaganda for economics and political purposes. It is the fact that none of those theories can be implemented properly, it is natural that human will always hunger of money and power. There is no way to stop it unless it comes from themselves, but there is a way that will be able to forced them to control themselves, which is technology. Technology itself is driven by natural human behaviour, which is hunger of knowledge and this is why we could never stop technology to grow and develop. Technology could help this world to have its balance, and Steem already proof it.

Steemit as a social media that build on Steem blockchain is providing social justice, democracy, and opportunity for everyone in this world to grow and develop together. Steem also educate the community with its technology to think about responsibility, sharing, togetherness. The more we share, the more we get. Forget about being greedy, selfish, and unethical behaviour on Steem, though we can do it but it will be like killing ourselves slowly. Furthermore, Steem also facilitates everyone to develop themselves by sharing ideas, works, and creativities as long as its original, high quality, and gives benefits to others. No wonder the power of Steem community is so powerful, and this something that should be consider as the best about Steem.

Steem also provides facilities for anyone to grow their business on blockchain, without have to worry too much about having ICO’s. Too much coins, especially scam ICO’s have caused a lot of problems. SMTs is something that none other blockchain has, and this is what I like so much, and this is the solution for problems that we have at the moment with scam ICO’s and coins. We can get rid of those scammers and greedy people with the technology, and give a bigger opportunity for those who are serious and understand about the vision and mission of the existence of current technologies.

One day, when more people start to realize about Steem, all others who get involve in Blockchain technology as well as AI, Bigdata, and others will rush to join in. There are too many good things on Steem that can’t be missed just like that. At the moment, people may consider that FB, Twitter, and Instagram are still the best social media, but, it won’t take too long for them to move to Steemit, especially with lots of data manipulations and misused by those social medias. They will understand that how effective and efficient to create business on Steem, as well as to be part of the history to change this world into a better place. This is not only propaganda and slogan, but it can be proven.

Now, we better promote Steem as much as possible. Let this world recognize the existence and the benefit of Steem. We need to spread all the good things about Steem to the world, don’t let anyone miss the opportunity. We deserve to have a better world and future, let’s fight together!

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Bandung, November 2nd 2018
Warm Regards

Mariska Lubis


Selamat malam kakaku

kita telah melihat kegagalan ekonomi dan sistem politik dan saya percaya bahwa kita harus mengubahnya sejak lama.

Saya sependapat dengan argument kakak,bahwa sanya di era milenia kita terus di picu ole teknologi,tak bisa di pungkiri teknologi sangat berpengaruh dalam perubahan.
Iya, saya menyadari akan hal ini, selama berabad-abada kita telah dibodohi oleh semua teori yang hanya digunakan untuk propaganda untuk ekonomi dan tujuan politik. Adalah kenyataan bahwa tidak satupun dari teori-teori itu dapat diimplementasikan dengan benar, ( itu hanya omongan belaka )
Manipulasi oleh manisan kata telah banyak menyia-nyiakan suara kita.
Dan yang paling menyakitkan kita telah bersuara pada politik yang menyensarakan diri.

Terimakasih kakak
Salam hangat dan sehat selalu bersama keluarga...and selamat istirahat tentunya

Saya setuju banget @mariska.lubis. technologi dan segala virtual nya memegang peranan penting untuk menjalankan politik dan kekuasaan negara.
Saya tunggu edisi Bahasa indonesia, biar lengkap informasi dari postingan buk @mariska.lubis untuk saya pahami. terimakasih. Semoga terus sukses dan sehat selalu.

Teknologi akan membawa perubahan besar di masa depan, tapi itu tergantung bagaimana kita melihatnya. Apakah kita melihat sebagai ancaman atau peluang, teknologi mengubah dunia, inilah yang disebut dengan sharing economy, pak presiden Jokowi sendiri mencanangkan di tahun 2020 Indonesia sudah punya 130 USD, dari penghasilan online. Ini menarik, karena kita mendapat dukungan dari pak Jokowi dalam berbisnis di via online, ini juga bisa jadi ladang bisnis.

Salam hangat selalu mbak @mariska.lubis😊

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