SteemTrail Daily - February 9th, 2017

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Building Communities One Trail at a Time

Thursday Trail Highlights

  • Humor Trail by @nikflossus :
    Humour can be very subjective and so Humor-trail aims to reward good quality posts which don't always have broad appeal. Generally we're looking for posts which are witty and clever rather than wacky and outrageous. We're more likely to prefer things with a bit of structure to them with at least some textual basis. But if it's f#@king hilarious none of the above matters.
  • History-trail by @uwelang :
    The new history-trail has gone live today. Uwe is from Germany and plans to build a great History community on Steemit and is looking for history lovers to become part of the trail! He is planning to curate at least 5-10 History posts per day. When it comes to history his main areas of interest are world history, evolution (dinosaurs!), sports and music. Questions about how people living in tents were able to build amazing things like the pyramids in Egypt. Why did some crazy people in England started kicking a ball for fun? Isn’t this totally cool to read about? Why not check out his profile and the new history-trail on Steemtrail and also help find and reward great content creators related to History? You can join the curation trail here.
  • Yoga-Trail :
    There are many posts that mention Yoga. Usually in passing and connected to some kind of amount - "A little yoga after class", "a bunch of Yoga over the weekend". Yoga Trail doesn't collect those... Yoga Trail finds the posts that describe how to do a particular pose, where people who do Yoga have events, stories of the benefits of Yoga, side issues into meditation and healing. Featured authors like @saramiller and @gardenofeden post wonderful articles we've curated and I'm sure that with a little encouragement, there are others who can do so too. Yoga Trail and Steemit could become a go to source for Yoga information
  • Music Trail :
    Honestly, I pass over music on the internet. I don't listen to what people post on FB or G+ and I don't read or click on them in Steemit. I mean, I have about 2TBs of downloads I haven't got around to listening to yet, so why should I trust my sister-in-law's brother's friend's taste in music? But the Music Trail is music that's been picked by the author of the post, and then re-picked by the curator of the trail. That's musical taste TIMES musical taste right there! I listened up the list until I got to Nerd Beatbox... then I got lost over in YouTube for an hour.
  • New Curators:
    A nice bump in the number of trails and curators. We will try to cover more of them as the days roll onward
    @uwelang will be curating beer-trail and german-trail
    @bitcoinparadise crypto-trail
    @duhiki homesteading-trail
    @kooshikoo basicincome-trail
    @chrisasiki basicincome-trail
    @claudiop63 technology-trail.
  • A Trail for which YOU may be the curator we need :MartialArts-Trail has a few posts but no active curator. It's time someone stepped onto the mat. You don't have to be a Kung Fu Hero, you just need to enjoy reading and curating articles about styles, training tips, and maybe some stories about major events. Ask about it at SteemTrail

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