Steem Trail Daily - Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

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Building Communities One Trail at a Time

Tuesday Newsday

  • New Trails possible :
    If you are following an interest by searching for tags, you might want to set up a new Trail and curate them there. One of the advantages of a trail is that the posts do not become lost in the thousands of other posts. Discord is now searchable by Trail, so you can find that post on Etymology or Entomology very easily. Ask Rick and Joe for more info about setting up your trail.
  • @uwelang introduces the Beer-Trail :
    While I discovered the awesome curation initiative of @steemtrail that is helping the entire steemit community to grow I created the #beer-trail to curate great posts around the topic. Apart from introducing a beer, posting photography of beer usage there is so much more related I would like to see on steemit and help curating - so many microbreweries are out there, home brewers are amongst us so why not joining the new #beer-trail and help each other so we do not miss posts about this lovely topic, how does that sound?
  • The Chess-Trail has been making moves :There's an interesting post on a Golos/Steemit chess match. Prizes and fun! It seems a natural for the blockchain to make unambiguous and fully recorded moves across the internet. Chess is a game that plays well in the slower and more deliberative pace of intercontinental messaging.

  • Steem Trail Basics :
    We hope to curate the most well crafted posts on Steemit, rewarding quality with encouragement, upvotes, and our own Trail coin reward - regardless of Steemit reputation or SteemPower. You write an interesting post, our Trail Curators read it and check it for authenticity and citations, the Admins give it a second read, and then if your post passes that bar, it earns the reward of the group vote. This is not a bot. If you get our vote it is because you earned it. If that's what brought you here, then congratulations. You are part of the solution.

    Feeling a little lost?

    Follow these links for more information, or ask Rick and Joe.

    Happy TRAILs!

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Great idea. How many languages do the Trail Curators speak?

That I know about? 10.

But in each Trail it is much less, since the 30-40 curators mostly handle one Trail a piece or so. In general, the Trails are run in English. You are welcome to start a trail in your own language if you wish. We do already have a few language specific Trails.

Thanks for the shoutout @steemtrail - have you seen my #beer-trail introduction is the No. 1 underrated post this time :-)?

Congratulations on that @uwelang! I think your trail might get pretty busy, lol! Good luck with it.

Not yet @haphazard-hstead but we will see!

I better get drinking! ;O

We need more content creator for the topic still