Coffee and Philosophy: Correspondence

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Today's mug is brought to us by some fancy fluffy topped coffee!
It must have some fancy coffee under there.

I was writing about the Hermetic Principles earlier and I was thinking about correspondence pretty heavily. It's one of the things I always try to remember when I get upset or angry over something. It's always better to stop, take a time out, and reflect on the situation at hand before addressing or responding. I have had to learn this lesson the hard way quite a few times in my life, but the thing about lessons is that they will repeat themselves if we don't learn from them. Correspondence implies the whole "as above, so below" or "what's internal reflects what's external" aspect of our lives. If we are at peace and living in abundance, we attract peace and abundance, but if we are in conflict with our own thoughts or desires, we attract conflict. Everything is a lesson and I like to make sure I'm learning the lessons I want to learn instead of living in denial and wanting the world to change for me. We don't bend the world to our will, we bend ourselves into alignment with the world we want. Namaste.

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Isn't it both empowering and humbling to take responsibility for all we experience? I find it so much more rewarding, and accurate, than blaming external factors for what occurs in life :)


Sorry I was on my other account. It certainly makes life much more manageable when we are responsible for ourselves!


Very much so!

Very true if we do not learn from our mistakes we WILL repeat them at some point until or if we choose to change. There are some wise words in the post. good read. Thanks. Upvoted


Mistakes are just a chance to do it right next time!

Love that the first post I ever read on Steemit is about peace.

I liked the part where you hit on the importance of evaluating yourself and not reacting too quickly. We often times speak before we think and that can get us in a lot of trouble. It's always better to take a second, pause, evaluate, then say where you're thinking/doing. That way you know what you're saying versus the other way around lol

My major takeaways from this post are the emphasis on The Law of Attraction and the reality of this world not revolving around us. Great insight, thank you for sharing. Namaste

Thank you for these motivational thoughts!

"A body in motion stays in motion"

And one can say the same about the mind!

I notice that any time I'm feeling a bit mentally spun, taking a brief second to disassociate and look at things from another perspective works wonders for almost any situation.

Thanks for the post!!

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Good Philosophy.