SteemTracked 3.3 - Curation Stats, Steemhunt and Utopian Stats, USD Hover Conversions

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It's getting better each update ;)


Steemit User Analytics - Track Your Steem Progress
built with @steemsql (by @arcange)


Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 01.29.48.png

3.3 Update

  • Curation Stats
  • SteemHunt and Utopian Stats
  • USD Hover Conversions
  • Bug fixes

A SteemTracked user recently reached out to me and suggested that I add curations data and should've been there from the start. Curations is an established reward feature in the Steem world and there are accounts that have accomplished over $40K in curation rewards!!

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 01.45.29.png

Steemhunt( an amazing app and is due to scale very well as it has its own ERC20 token and next year it will be moving to SMT tokens. This app and @utopian-io are part of the very few apps positively impacting the Steem ecosystem. It was only right for users to see their hunts/contributions, upvotes and earnings in those apps.


Future Plans...

I definitely want to add in @steem-ua scores onto the platform. From analyzing the scores of some accounts, it does appears to be trustworthy and it uses can bring forth a balanced ecosystem. I'll look into the API and see what I can do...

Soon, I plan on introducing different currencies to view STEEM and SBD conversions. GBP and EUR will be one of the first ones to be added.

I'm also building something connected to SteemTracked that will provide insights and material for entrepreneurs on the Steem platform. Stay tuned...


Discord: shango#7892

Feel free to present your ideas and improvements in the comments section.


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Ich finde dieses Tool sehr interessant. Habe bei schon darüber gelesen.
Werde es gleich ausprobieren.

You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

com) an amazing app and is due to scale very well as it has it's own ERC20 token and next year it will be moving to SMT tokens.
It should be its own instead of it's own.

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I wpuld really like to see the site from inside. I followed you, resteemed tis post and upvoted it wit more than 50%

According to te message on te site

To use SteemTracked for FREE, upvote (min 50%) and resteem the last post on @steemtracked's blog while it's active

can I please take a look inside?

Thanks. Very interesting tool you've got there. If I can find the time, I'll make sure to review it

hello wondering whats the story with steemtracked been trying to log few days, when logging in with steemconnect returns to login screen