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RE: The Steem Torch & A Few Words from Me 😊

in #steemtorch2 years ago

I love this initiative. And I love your analysis...we are ready for these words. We need to be reminded of the value that we get from Steemit, besides the extrinsic reward of Steem. It's not Steem that drives me to do research, or to create a blog. It's not Steem that prompts me to comment here. The quality of relationships and the experience of being here draw me.

It tends to be the case in a group environment that people can look to others to assume responsibility. The health of Steemit is not up to others, it's up to each of us.

Thank you, @geekgirl, for taking a lead. And thank you, @abigail-dantes, for carrying the baton.

Steem on!!


You are a wonderful example for all of us, within SteemSTEM and beyond, to follow. You make our community a more worthwhile place to hang around my dear friend. 💕 :)

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