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We don’t need women who are quiet and demure. We need women who are strong and tough! Quiet and demure is for girls. I see no girls here. If you want to be a woman, you need to know a few things. And if you don’t know these things, it’s time you figure them out, because the world is a tough place! We have to do really difficult things. It's just not going to work if we're stuck being whiny, submissive, permissive, timid little girls.

We need to be nice, but we're being TOO nice. Compassionate is good, but we're being TOO compassionate. Generosity is fine, but you're spreading yourselves thin!

We need to be tough. I've made a list of 8 things a girl needs to become a woman...a tough woman. It's time to buck up girls!

1. Tough Women know how to say “NO.”

It's funny, but a lot of women are afraid to say what they want and how they'd like things because they unconsciously think it makes them sound too demanding and presumptuous--bitchy even. The problem is, if we carry on like this for too long, stuffing our real feelings and not speaking up, we WILL become bitchy. And there's no turning back from that!

Get a grip of our feelings now, and speak them while we are aware of them. It's time to find people around us who will listen. Be in charge of you. Be in charge of your feelings. Listen to yourself. You know what's best for you.

2. Tough Women are compassionate and understanding - But not so much so that they get taken advantage of.

A tough woman knows how to draw the line and knows a swindler when she sees one. She can be compassionate because she can afford to be.

3. Tough Women are kind - But not so kind that they forget themselves.

A kind woman is kind to herself. She knows how to take care of herself first. She treats herself to things and pays attention to her own needs. This leaves her with an abundance of kindness to leave for others.

4. Tough Women are generous - But not so generous, that they have nothing left to give.

A generous woman knows that it is in building herself up that she is able to build up others. When she has nothing to give, she cannot be generous with her time, her money, her property, or herself. She needs to have those things in order to bless the world around her. A generous woman knows she needs to become abundant and grow and nurture herself primarily. And when she does this, she has so much more to give.

5. Tough Women are forgiving - Not stupid

A forgiving woman knows that people make mistakes. God knows she has made plenty. She knows that everyone deserves a second and a third chance. But she does not mistake forgiveness with forgetfulness. She is not stupid. She is smart. She knows forgiveness is not condoning or ignoring bad behavior. It is saying “I love you no matter what. But I have rules. Please respect them.”

6. Tough Women are beautiful

They don’t need fancy jewelry and clothing, or tattoos and piercings to prove they’re beautiful or tough.
They just are those things. (You can certainly have tattoos and piercings, but you don’t need them as proof of toughness)

7. Tough Women don’t need to scream about how life is unfair and how they were wronged.

Life is unfair for everyone. Everyone is wronged. Some of us are wronged far more than others, and we don’t need to announce it to the world because we know who we are. Maybe we were wronged by the country we live in, the household we grew up in, the person we married, the parent who reared us, the school we attended, the neighbor who cheated us. Maybe we were not blessed with beauty or superior intelligence. Maybe we lack in athleticism. Maybe we were clumsy and dumb. But tough women rise above it because they know they deserve to, and they know they can.

8. Tough Women are sensual and sexy - not slutty

They are in touch with their femininity and know how to use it. They don’t need to be slutty to be sexy. Their sex appeal is in who they are and who they choose to share it with. They can be revealing if they choose to be, but it is not necessary.

We don’t need to be quiet little mice. We don’t need to be angry and bitchy. We just need to be tough. And that’s what this world needs us to be.

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Hellll yus we arree!!! I mean i dont think of it as like tough or weak its a spectrum and varied like every other trait but I love that you are highlighting how being tough can be a good thing. ;) especially without callin it butch or manly!

Indeed the world needs strong, responsible, well balanced women... and men.

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