rating.mysteemit.xyz Or Post Rank By Tags Reputation [Interface: RU,EN,DE,ES,CN,KR]

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The site interface is translated into 6 languages

  • English
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Korean

The translation was made using google translator!
If you are strong in these languages and see mistakes, I'll be happy to fix it!

Available on the site

  • User information - user tags reputation, user used tags, post rating
  • Witnesses information - Top 50 witnesses and their tags reputation (wittness tags are popular between active users)
  • Tags Reputation Information - top 100 users by tags reputation.

** Development plans **

  • posts rank
  • make a convenient filter by tags
  • do a search on the title of the articles
  • listen to your wishes and suggestions, how can it be without it?


Do not forget to leave the feedback, maybe your feedback will inspire to great achievements!

thanks @xroni for the pic)


Nice..I should check it how to use it

do not forget stay feedback)

so far it is okay.. nice aplication :)

=) it looks good!

I will do it :)

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