SteeM.V.P. - Exploring rewards and discover your Most Valuable Player on Steemit

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Hey! Here is a tool to show your 'most loyal' voters as well as the one's bringing in the 'most value' in terms of reward shares.

"Go Ahead and Envy Me, I'm Rap's MVP, and I ain't going nowhere so You Can Get to Know Me"
- Hate It or Love It (Feat. 50 Cent)

Use the SteeM.V.P. tool to discover who is voting on your post most frequently and you should definitely follow (IMHO) as well as whoever brings in the most $BD on your posts.

Next to the summary of MVP and MLP (Most Loyal Player) you get an overview of your most recent posts and access to the 'raw data table' so you can quickly lookup users by username and sort the table on any of it's content columns.

How it was made

Visit and discover your M.V.P. »


Hi @roelandp, a suggestion for this tool: a small checkbox next to the names in the list of MVPs that people could "check" in order to eliminate voting bots from the list (my MVP is a voting bot ... ) and then get a recalculation ...
Also the possibility to go further behind than a mere 7 days would be nice ...



I don't normally gif this much.. but

h3h3 is the best :D

Hey, you're missing the @ linking to your Steemit profile in the SteeMVP footer where it says: A SteemTool by @roelandp. ;)


awesome! @ned is my MVP! @owdy my most loyal follower!

this is nice, really good to make sure you are followin back who you should.

there is some error with calculations for my login:

I am know, that there are people which voted for me more than once :)

besides that, great work ;)

Ha @noisy actually the tool gets all posts before the '2nd payout'-mark (I implemented 4 weeks / 28 days). If you go to your own blog you will see that you only have 1 post which still in the 4 weeks mark, all your other posts have votes removed because they are past the payout mark. Historical votes are not available on the blockchain somehow so the tool can't use them...

Because you have only 1 'eligible' post for the calculations, everybody who voted on that post is shown with 1 vote.

Historical votes are not available on the blockchain somehow so the tool can't use them...

Is that a new thing? I could've sworn we had access to those a couple of weeks ago.

Ha! That's cool. Mine are as follows:
MVP = @berniesanders
MLP = @sykochica

lol I think it was just circumstantial, actually. I happened to score a couple of bern's upvotes in the past week, so those naturally just weigh more currently.

This is amazing. Pure and simple.

Now that's an outstanding app!
I would like some less fancy (more clear) font for the numbers and names.

That was interesting thank you

Really great tool, bravo! However... When seeing the result, am I the only one to realize most of my payouts come from two or three whales... I mean, it's great thanks... But leaves the idea that in the end, we are doomed to pander to a few oligarchs, lol

Love your post. But am having a problem with permlink size. Please what should i do ?

Would be nice to have the reversal too and see who I'm voting most :):)

Yes I have to see if this is possible.

That's a neat idea, @anduweb, and I'll second that request!

Very cool app! Thanks for making it available to everyone. Definitely cool to see how things knit together and which people can provide great leverage!

Nice app, however the music makes it NSFW! Could it be muted ny default?

Oh this is a useful tool indeed. :D Just found it today so thanks for making it.

Cool stuff and awseome design.
It is just difficult on an Apple iPhone (cannot validate the name on the main screen. (Will not click)
Also, it would be cool to have a possibility to bookmark our steeemvp profile for a 1 click consultation.

Great work. -> you still need to hit enter.
You are right this one is not really mobile optimized... sorry bout that!

Thats awesome!

One thing I will ask .. please add a floating mute icon :D Techno and hip hop do not mix when randomly overlapping eachother hah

ouch :) let me quickly put a mute button in it.

really great one @roelandp! thank you!

I love your work! It's always fun and useful. I hope this gets properly rewarded for the amount of time and effort put into it.

Also if you've never looked at Rap genius, it's quite fun to see the meaning behind the lyrics.

(Go 'head envy me, I'm rap's M.V.P
And I ain't going nowhere, so you can get to know me)

Pretty self explanatory, but you learn a little more here:

M.V.P. is the Most Valuable Player, Game is saying is that he is the greatest, and you can be jealous if you like, that won’t change anything.

This is also a nod to Big Daddy Kane (famously used by Big L in his single, “M.V.P.”). Kane used it in his song, “Just Rhymin' with Biz” as quoted below:

And if rap was a game, I’d be MVP
Most Valuable Poet on the M-I-C

Courtesy of Rap Genius

yes i have seen rap genius... great site , thx for sharing this part!

No problem! Gotta love a 50 Cent fan, even though you could buy his name sake 4,360 times with this very post

this is great really

@roelandp, Can I submit tracks from or to

no you can just search and if it finds it on it will work... (mostly) if it cant find on the artist track combo it will give your money back.

Nice app and good work. I'll be using that one often

That's cool. I follow most of the top people on the list. I'm grateful to them all

What a WONDERFUL tool which will help us to say thanks and feature our supporters (and not only the MVPs), @roelandp! Oh, and... need to say huge thanks to local whale @berniesanders for supporting our early articles.

Also thanks to @nextgencrypto, @laonie (Can not wait to get some more funds and support @robinhoodwhale), @silversteem and many others.


Nice tool! Thanks for putting it together. Great data to know who is following and their contribution to the value of your posts.

Thank you so much @roelandp for making another great feature ! Kudos mate !

Wow cool thank you

That is a cool too! And thanks to everyone for the warning about the volume! At least it didn't start playing automatically! : )

Dude this is sweet! thanks

Gotta admit, you have very creative ideas and this is really cool.

@rainman is my MVP, and @roelandp is in my top 10 as well.

new scoop that if materilized would be a great idea

Brilliant! Thanks for this awsome tool! Upvoted and Follow!

holy crap now that's tech we need for this kind of site thank you so much @roelandp thanks for the post!!

None yet for me but excellent tool none the less.....really appreciate this.

fuck. U should warn users about the music)) my Imac nearly exploded).. with me.

by the way. Bernie, Smooth,Nextgencrypto,Silversteem, ..oooh.. even Cass was there).. thank U all!! And U, @roealandp, 4 another great tool!!!

fixed the music

fiXXXed. "cuz "X"s are cool"))) thank U. It was just a proposal.

it was proposed by several peopleXXXX

Very nice, a brilliant idea. simple but effective..
Thank you..

Beautiful work. Fast search option. Nice colors, easy on the eyes. You know your stuff. Everyone should try this out, you will keep coming back to it.

great work, mate! ;-)

WOW! That's really useful thing! :) Thank you, @roelandp!

👍awesome post @roelandp

Interesting article. Thank you!

Thanks for sharing! is a great tool.

Nice work @roelandp except that horrible yellow font xD my eyes are burning

Very cool. I like it
💋 @halo 💋😇

This is a great tool and I have bookmarked it thank you. Upvoted!

great site.

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Thanks for your contributions to the community man, this is an awesome tool for sure 👊🏼

Can you do the reverse? Who do you contribute to most?

I have to see about this... might require some deeper digging... let me check it!