Do it! Join the Python side.

i for one welcome you all to the whitespace darkside. i have been a student of CS since i was a littlie, and readability has always been a problem for new folk looking at old code.

If i can get over it being a whitespace language I just might. Seems to have a big following with Steem and I'd love to be able to work on some of those projects with you fine devs.

Well, at least it's not as bad as Brainfuck! Haha. I guess the good thing about whitespaces denoting a block is that the code will always be properly indented and there will be no debate about where the first curly brace should be. And you are the finer dev!

I agree with that in principal but I find that I'm a stubborn bastard and when a language/framework tells me how to do something I want to do something else. Some people say I have a problem with authority :)

I actually still haven't gotten used to the whitespaciness of Python even after trying to learn it for many years now. I'm just way more comfortable in a C++/Java/js/PHP/etc. syntax. I have to Google things every other minute when trying to write even a simple Python script.

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