Auto Capture And Set Your Featured Image On Now

in steemthat •  4 months ago

Always working to make the platform better announces new feature for blog article writers.

For a very long time we struggled with setting the featured image for members who write blog articles. The featured image is the image that gets display when somewhere shares your post. It is super critical that it accompany the short snippet that get shared because as they say, "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!"

We had the ability to add a featured image to a blog article but most were not uploading their image to the featured image section. Being that many members are writers here and medium, reddit etc they find that an Auto Featured Image is the only way to go. Since this is what the people wanted this is what we built.

Now allows members to create blog articles and effortlessly the images added within your blog article content area become the featured image when sharing. This helps save writer a step in the process when submitting. The easier the better for sure! We will continue to work on creating even better ways to create highly effective content. We would love to see you there!


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