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simplistic diagram of a hard fork by @thekittygirl for this post

Every so often during the operation of a blockchain, changes are required to the code that runs the chain. In simplistic terms: when changes to the blockchain are small, cosmetic changes, they are called "Soft Forks," while major, operational changes are referred to as "Hard Forks." They are called "forks" because the original course of the blockchain is abandoned in favor of a new couse (see above diagram).

🔸 For those who want to learn more in-depth information about the differences between fork types, see the article "HARD FORK vs SOFT FORK" on

🔹 For those who want more in-depth information about the upcoming Hard Fork on the Steem blockchain and what is included in it, see this post and this post


The twenty-first Hard Fork to the Steem blockchain has been scheduled to take place on TUESDAY, 27-AUGUST-2019. Sometime that day, the Steem blockchain will become unavailable while the witnesses (the people who run the servers that 'witness'/confirm the blocks on the chain) update their software to the new version.

After the new software is installed and configured properly, each server will have to do a "replay" of the blockchain data, to make sure it conforms to the new standards. This process takes several hours, at best.

If all goes well, the blockchain will return to functionality within the day. However, if there are problems, it may take several days to restore functionality (as was seen during the HF20 update).


Many of us have become accustomed to closely orbiting the Steem blockchain much like the Moon orbits the Earth. Waking up to a non-functional blockchain is a rude awakening, as those of us who were here for the last Hard Fork can attest... 😬

Many people are planning hiking expeditions that day, shopping excursions, or going to visit Grandma. For everyone else, hanging-out on Discord is another option. We, at the Steem Terminal, would like to make sure our newbies have a fun place to hang during the Hard Fork. So, we are planning some "hang time" in our general voice-channel. We have a music bot, will have some discussions, maybe play some games, and have chances to win some prizes (such as Steem Monster card packs and some cool crypto-tokens)!

More details about the times of these hang-outs will be made available as the date for the Hard Fork approaches! Stay tuned!

~ authored by @thekittygirl on behalf of @steemterminal ~

The SteemTerminal is a discord server which was founded to help give newbies to the Steem blockchain some basic orientation and help them find communities where they can thrive, learn, and grow! Those interested are welcome to join us by clicking the banner:


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Thanks! This is important info to know.... buy snacks....go to Steemterminal. I'm so glad @thekittygirl shared this at P.Y.P.T.


You guys are the best! Thank you for sharing this information. ❤️

Congratulations @steemterminal!
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As an addict I know I am in desperate need of a place to hang out

Steemterminal at Discord will be the best option.

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Hanging out on Discord will be the best option that day. Thanks for the enlightenment.

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Thanks for the information - very helpful! Maybe I'll get some housework done that day for a change, instead of sitting here mesmerized by the cool stuff I learn on steem.

nice explanation you have there kitty and the steem terminal people. I understand it clearly, thanks for the information

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Im dreading it. Been here 3 years been through so many hardforks, I'm housebound so don't have much choice... hope it goes through smoothly.

Sweet Karen i wild love to see you in our Discord, and we can always use your experstise and great gardening advice!

Thanks hun, I've tried Discord a while a go. I can't seem to get to grips with it. Think my brain is slowing down lol :)

I had to learn but it’s not to bad and we got perfect helpers 😉 for using discord phone and computer

I have Discord on my phone and laptop. I should spend more time looking around it.

I would love it. Steemterminal is always open

Hi steemterminal the SHADE tokens are on the way.
Thanks for sharing SHADE
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Thank you for this. HF20 sent me to Weku. Not for long. Just an intro post. Memories of that patch are vivid!

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Sounds like a hoot, I'll try to make it. What type of food will you be preparing? #pypt