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Dear financial elite, political elite, corporate elite and cronies.

This open letter of CONGRATULATIONS goes out to you, the world's elite (you know who you are).

This Knight has just one thing to say.

'You Win!'


Good game. You have played well! Very well!!

According to Oxfam, the top 8 richest people in the world possess as much wealth as the bottom 3.5 billion.

Through your central banking printing presses; your ability to rig Government and free markets, your profit at all cost attitude; your disdain for your fellow man; and, your insatiable greed - you have managed to enslave 80% of the population in debt; and, you have...

Conquered the world!


Thank you for coming.

We will shortly be resetting the economy, currencies and asset ownership. We will also be arranging a debt jubilee and freeing our enslaved brothers and sisters.

Driving the reset will be cryptocurrency and blockchain technogy based trade, gold and silver.

Unfortunately some of you will not be able to join us in the new economy - crime is crime; and, some of you will soon need to do the time.

For those who do make it through...

Good luck!

The freedom reset is coming.

The Beatitudes SMT.

'Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth!'

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Amen Sirknight: Steemchurch and the Chain of Blocks of Steem, together with the campaign for freedom plus the SMT beatitudes, will make people free of slavery, it is an honor for me to be part of it.

This is a good place to start, SK!!

Thank you SirKnight for your commitment for the most needy that the Most High bless you in a great way.

While some seek to enslave the masses financially, here in Steemchurch we celebrate the Freedom that will bring the BEATITUDES.

Loved the speech, we will definitely be resetting the econony. It's a privilege to read your article every Friday😊


Certainly man. It has to be resetted. God will help us do it

When God brought the people of Israel out of bondage, they carried many riches ... Psalm 105: 37
"But he brought them out with silver and gold, and among their tribes there was no one to stumble."
This leads me to think that one of the bonds of slavery goes in the financial area, God does not want his people to perish. Liberty did not grant them through Jesus when he died on the cross. Good reflection.


Poverty has enslaved many and our economy has contributed to it.


Yeah @darlenys01, God had promised to turn the wealth/inheritance of of the heathen to His children. The hope for #beatitudes heightens and brightens each day. God bless @Sirknight

We must be understood of the times, and this is the time that God is calling his people to freedom in every way. Thanks to people like @sirknight the world can be better. God bless you always.

PROMISE: Philippians 4: 19: "Therefore, my God will give you all that you lack, according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus", God is pleased that his children are free from all slavery, we are in the time pleroma of God, time of fulfillment.

@sirknight I have read about you and I have informed you, and I really like what you do, you have taken this whole group with understanding and wisdom. God bless you. I'm starting at #SteemChurch and that's why it's important to learn about your leader. which for me is an honor to have a leader like you are.

It is good news Lord, God is going to be something big with steemchurch and with all the members who acted according to their heart, God rewards and rewards the behavior of obedience and integrity. These are the true beatitudes. The poor will be free through steemchurch and from the hand of @sirknight. God bless you and always be a guide to the revelation of God.

Our economy badly and urgently needs a reset. The tables ofcourse needs to be shaken and only those worthy will still stand as I'm certain many will fall off.

Awesome! as so much a believer i may be, while i tried to put a few words together, something else just hit really hatd at me.
Whats te preparation for the "what if scenario"?
I hope somwone won't tag me with something here?
Thanks to @sirknight anyways.

I appreciate your willingness to congratulate me as I am THE most elite of the elite.

You have earned a perfect score for this transmission.


But you’re not my father

Greed is an evil that has led a few to enslave many ... because the Lord says "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to the kingdom of heaven" the Lord does not He speaks of the bad being of being rich, but of the greed and greed in many who are rich ... Salutations and blessings @Sirknight.

Times of freedom @sirknight, thanks for being the leader that you are, waiting for the Beatitudes, the design is spectacular, only to see it reflects what will be and the change that @steemchurch will make in the world.

Jesus came to this world with a purpose of giving us life in abundance and giving us freedom, freeing ourselves from the oppressor and making us free in all senses, when God frees us he frees us in abundance, and uses his instruments on earth as is the case with me. Friend @Sirknight a great man of God who seeks the freedom of his neighbor.

God bless you Dear SK

I love the post, it would be a new society if the elites go to jail. But as far as a debt jubilee, I have my doubts. During the last crisis in 2008, it was only the gangster banksters in the room with the Kongressman, Goldman Sachs alumni. All the bailouts went to the banks, I did not see too much coming my way. Do you all think it will be any different this time, I do not recall getting an invite to the meeting.......all opinions welcome.

Thanks to an elite .. but thanks to a leader like Tu @sirknight .. You are an exemplary leader. Partial when making decisions and pressing when executing them. I congratulate you, God bless you greatly

wow sirknight your post is very beautiful best of luck for your post for rank in no 1 in steemit trensing your post is won on 1000$..

Yes sure, resetting must commence and this is the first step....... Well a journey of a thousand mile, begins with a step
Keep up the Good works @sirknight

so happy it is all here . can't wait @sirkinght

congratulation to you

Well said @sirknight.

Freedom is coming
The revolution is here
We are taking over

I have a feeling you're going to love my Post... I know how to End the Fed...
Feel free to stop by and take a Peek at a few of my latest Posts... I'm sure you'll be glad, if you do...

It was like reading a poem!!
Very lovely!!

Powerful words!!!

We will not forgive!
We will not forget!
We are legions!
We are Anonymous!

Oh crap I am not!