Looking forward to pushing more Steemit Blogs now onto my Twitter Feed to start promoting #steemtalent and #JoinSteemit.

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#steemtalent - Taking it up a notch..!!

Looking forward to pushing more Steemit Blogs now onto my Twitter Feed to start promoting #steemtalent & #JoinSteemit.jpg

First 4 weeks

Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since the launch of the #steemtalent project and to say that I have been blown away by the response would be an understatement.

When I launched the project on 19th June 2018, I decided to give it 6 months to get a feel of its success.

Without doubt, these first 4 weeks have been by far better than I had ever expected and I have now decided to accelerate those things I wanted to do.

I am pleased to say that I am now looking forward to pushing more Steemit Blogs onto my Twitter Feed to start promoting #steemtalent & #JoinSteemit.

Thanks again to all those that have supported the #steemtalent project in its first 4 weeks.



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Keep up the good work @stephenkendal , I am sure after 6 months many amazing talented people will join this platform.

Yes your 4 weeks on #steemtalent was amazing. Many of your followers incuding me and @abdulmanan retweeted you post on twitter. Your open invitation to 54 great personalities was wonderful. And millions of their fillowers seen your invitation and i hope many from their follower show intenssion to the steemit. And hope you got many successes during 16 month. I wish you good luck

I think you are the first who is struggling for this platform.people you invited in previous 4 weeks were all talented.you are a genius man.hope we will get more talented people in next 5 months.

I join steemit before 10 days ago. And i become a big fan of you sir @stephenkendal.
I see your hardwork on #steemtalent. And i appreciate your work. I have done many comment on different blog. But my 70% comments goes to your blogs. It has only one frason that your blogs has lot of worth and meaningful.

I just love your #steemtalent project, keep it up and keep inviting more amazing people to this amazing platform.
upvoting and resteeming.

This is the best way to promote steemit, When you post on your twitter, you know what will happen? you follower will saw it, and if your followers resteemit, their followers will see it and chain will start and we will have millions of people came to know about steemit.

I always appreciate your great #steemtalent project. It's very effective for steemit community as we have already got many talent in our community. Keep up your great job sir @stephenkendal.

I'm with you sir, i'm also sharing this blog and your other blog on my twitter so that people know more about steemit and they also can ask any question they want to ask. The more we spread the voice, the more people will listen and then they will join steemit! and our mission of Global steem adoption will be achieved.

Every time i see your post, i always feel happy and happy.
I am very happy to read this post, without a doubt you are a very creative person, I follow your work since I started working on the platform, I always cause pleasure to visit your blog, congratulations for all your achievements and continue your success !!! !

Great works @stephenkendal, I wish you success...

you are a visionary steemian and I am very happy with your activity full of creativity and inspiration as a form of appreciation for your work I give my vote and I resteem this post

I'm loving what you are doing for this community as well as on twitter.
I retweet every post of your i saw on my feed and will share these ones over there too.
Always supporting you
Thank you for connecting so many people in such a short time.