Steem Summit was a Blast!

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Credits to @indayclara

Our photo during the SteemSummit

The Steem Summit was held in A Space, Cebu City last April 22 , 2018.

This was the first Steem Summit that was held in Cebu. It is indeed beautiful! The people there were so caring. When we went there, our shyness abruptly lost when their warmth welcome met us.

I hope that there would be another meetups soon. I am so ecstatic that I became part of the event.

We were regretting when the whaleheart came. It is an opportunity to meet him, but sadly we are not there already.

The flow of the event is really wonderful. I learned a lot of things there. Attending the event is worthwhile.

Thank you to the organizers for the successful event. Thank you to the sponsors, @donkeypong , @kryptonia


You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Thank you to the organizers for the succesful event.
It should be successful instead of succesful.