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Hi Steemians!

I was gone for quite a while to focus on the preparations for the first Steem Summit in Cebu. It's been three days since the event and the hype is still on. The response from the community is overwhelming and I'm beyond grateful to everyone who became part of this awesome event.

Relive the Steem Summit experience by watching this video featuring highlights from the event last April 22, 2018 in ASpace Cebu, Philippines. Shot and Edited by yours truly.

Stay tuned for more exciting activities from the @steemsummit team.

Warmest regards,

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woot woot i got goosebumps! nicely created! salute salute!

Thank you @junebride! It was nice meeting you guys. You guys deserve to win the Summit's travel and photography exhibit. Continue inspiring other Steemians with your travels. :)

salamat legend!

Expect no less from the Steem Summit creative director.

It's amazing having to piece this together, I know that it was challenging too, buy what can I say, you pieced videos of the events and it's really big, this one will serve as memories really to remember cebu

The video is amazing dar! It's my honor to be part of steemsummit event!

Thank you sa pinaka-hardworking during the Summit. Thank you sa pag-accept sa task @brokemancode. Sunod na sad na summit. haha

Fantastic video! Looks like it was a successful event. =)

Thanks @hansikhouse! It was indeed a great success and you're part of this success. Thank you for sending your video message. You were able to inspire everyone at the Summit. :)

Kuya..un post mo about Benguet, pano go don from Manila and un accomodation??

Hi @immarojas! Sorry talaga. Ngayon ko lang nakita comment mo. I took a break from Steemit kasi after the Steem Summit. Sa Baguio ako dumaan tapos sumakay ng bus papuntang Bontoc. Sa Bontoc, may terminal ng jeep papuntang Maligcong. Para sa accomodation naman, marerecommend ko ang Suzette's Homestay. Sila yung first homestay doon and Miss Suzette can assist you with everything you need. Very affordable pa. Let me know kung may questions ka pa and I hope di pa super late yung reply ko. haha

Oh no worries..and no rush. Ilang hrs all in all? Baguio to Bontoc-Maligcong?
Am making a list on where to go in Pinas. Thanks Darryl..
Cebu is in my list too.

6 hours ang Baguio-Bontoc tapos 30 minutes ang Bontoc-Maligcong. Sikat ngayon ang Maligcong sa Pinas kasi nafeature bago lang ng isang travel show. Baka dumami na ang tao soon. Dami din pwede puntahan sa Cebu. Let me know lang kung need mo ng tips. :)

24 hours me bus to Botoc? Coz we can travel at midnight from Manila to Baguio and arrive in Bontoc in the afternoon or earlier.

ang alam ko hindi 24 hours yung bus. 6AM yung first trip nung pumunta ako. May bus ata na Manila-Bontoc eh. Para mas convenient sa inyo. pero di ko pa natry. :)

Nice kaayo siya kuya😍. Idol how to be you po?😂. Bitaw kanang WOW! Nice gyud kaayo hehe. Naa pakos video haha yehey😂

Thank you @carlitojoshua! Ako jud gimake sure na maapil ka sa video. Last minute raba to imo prayer. haha! Thank you kaayo. Nice meeting and see you sa next Steemit activity.

Super awesome video! Never expected that it could be this great! You are a very talented guy, as you know how to make your video a mirror of those amazing vibes and talents on the event!

Hi @xsasj! Thanks for these kind words. The event itself was awesome so everything went easy with the shooting and editing. It was nice seeing you at the Summit even though we didn't really get the chance to talk. Hopefully I'll be brave enough next time. :)

Awesome video @legendarryll . :) You did a great job in this official Steem summit video. ^_^

Thank you @joancabz! I'm glad you liked the video. Boodle fight nasad ta! haha

OF courSe , I am your fan :) heheh uu boodle fight nasad ta puhon2x

@legendarryll!!! Wonderfully made video dar!
Oh, I see my hand as I flip the memo pad hehe.

It was such a pleasure working with you, from the meeting prior to the event to the summit itself. "Souvenirs!" "Souvenirs!"
I look forward to future events like this. <3

haha! Pangmodel ug hands. haha! Thank you @reewritesthings for making everything smooth and easy during the event. Congrats to all of us!

Kanang di nlng ko mag english kay mag lisud ko ug express.

Nahurot bajd tanan bilib nmo @legendaryll....wala nakoy kabutangan asa ibutang. Salamat kaayo. Lisud najud i move on sa summit tungod ani. Salamat. Salamat

Ang gandaaaa nung video!! Grabe! Yung mapapa "sana nandun akoooo!!!" ka nalang talaga ehhh.. hehehe :) :) Congratulations nga pala sa success ng first ever Steem Summit. :) :) sana sa susunod, makasali na ako. hehe :) :) ang saya saya nun :)

Sali ka sa next Summit @creyestxsa94! Cebuano Steemians would love to meet Steemians from other cities.

Ghaaaad this is amazing! Kapila gyud nako girape ang replay button! Thank you so much sa @legendarryll and sa tanan @steemsummit organizers.

Di ka get over akong mama kay artista na kuno ko wahahaha

The video is cool and awesome @legendarryll! Kudos to you and all of the organizers 😀

There is always excellence in everything you do.. thank you @legendarryll.
Congrats to all organizers!

proud kay kos nawng nako dri hahahaha ako jung gipakita sa akong fam. amazing jd kaayu @legendarryll.