Thank You Steem Summit for the Printed Photos!

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Appreciation can make a day - even change a life. (Margaret Cousins)


I can't contain such happiness that it radiants to my smiles instead. A huge gratitude to all the organizers of the first Cebu Steem Summit held yesterday at A Space Cebu.


Giveaways, these are really cute!


Sticker and notepad giveaway!

The event was a success from learning more about the blockchain, getting inspired by all the talks and inspirational speeches of all the speakers, to meeting again my old Steemian friends and personally engaging with those I only get to see on the computer screen, then being entertained by the special performances most especially that amazing pole dance number by Miss @anneporter (made me think of joining her class! *Wink) and eventually getting certificates of recognition!


Curied Posts Exhibit.


DSLR and Mobile Photography exhibits.


Travel Post Exhibit.

James and I won champion in Travel Posts Category for our Negros Occidental is a Must-Visit! travel blog and I won the second runner-up in the DSLR photography for my Tattoo Pain in Black and White entry.



Now both of these printed pieces are displayed in our room's art corner!


Thank you again @Steemph.Cebu for the continuous support to all Cebuano Steemians. Your noble work of expanding the information of this game-changing platform is something worth more than a standing ovation!

More power!

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Great artwork @junebride! It's nice meeting you again!!!! Keep making awesome photos.

thanks juls.. nasurprise ko kay naa ka ddto!

Congratulations @junebride!

thanks sis!

Congrats po sa inyong lahat team steemph cebu for a very successful summit... Goodluck, godbless and more power cebu community.👏

Congrats sis! Well deserved naman talaga.

maraming slamat!

The artwork looks so nice in that part of the room. Congratulations @junebride

i love it jd sis..salamat!

wow wow wow congrats sa inyo duha, you deserved it! naay cash prize? hehe

wala sir uy.. hehe salamat!

Congratulations to you both!! I wouldn't be surprised with you both winning the travel post category. I still have the screenshots of that post, especially the beautiful cottage on the hill. I missed your Tattoo Pain in Black and White entry though. (Need to check it out soon). Congrats again you guys!!

thanks dear.. i appreciate it a lot!

ang galing naman! inggit much sis! Congrats sa lahat for such a successful event❤

salamat sis!

Wow wow wow.
Ikaw na talaga, sis Jean!

salamat sis!


Wow! Congrats dai! Grabe ohh! Duha jud kaayo ilang daog ba! :) daghan nangapil ato dai? :) Bibo kaymo nuh? Ka nice sa mga souvenirs nila uyyy..

wala ko kabalo kun daghan ba dai... solomot!

Didn't know you have a different account for your travel posts! Congrats to you both @junebride @panoramicview! You both deserve to be featured there!

we created a new one because we want it to just all about travel.. :) thanks!

Wow! Congrats! Hope to meet other steemians in person and be inspired as well!

thank you sis! yes join nya sunod!

Miss @junebride!!! It was so nice to meet you. I noticed your mandala artwork, wow it's huge! I thought gamay ra siya. Lisod gyud to buhaton.

I hope you and your husband had a great time. Wish you all the best.

PS: Your art corner looks amazing!

yes dai..super enjoy mi except for the last part na wala mi kaabot ni sg.hehe

you deserve it @junebride. Your travel post is amazing not only it tours the readers to the place but it is informative as well.

thanks a lot, dear! i appreciate it!

Congratulations! You really deserve it.

thanks a lot!

Congratulations again! Very well deserved. ♡

congrats sad sa imoha sis!

Oh wait, I have an unrelated question. San mas maganda, University of San Carlos or Silliman University?

mas ok ata sa siliman..madaming mga mayayaman na andon.hehe

Ohhh ganern? 😂😂😂 Sige thanks.

Yey! Congrats to you! It is a joyous feeling to be recognized.

true sir.thanks sir!

Galinga kaau ning among kusgan nga leader oh.,

haha salamat sir..nataghapan

Wow nice te congrats

salamat dai!

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