Introducing Steem Summit Faces

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As promised, I have more photos to share from the recently concluded Cebu Steem Summit, first of its kind in the Philippines. Congratulations again to the organizers and all the attendees, the event was a success.

I have images which I don't want to just be kept in my drive, so I am posting this blog showcasing the faces of certain Steemians who attended the event. Check them out and let me know who they are if I missed their usernames.


@Nikkabomb and @Olaivart laughing, I wonder what was the joke and who delivered it which made them laugh like that.


Steemian 1 : What's the current SBD price right now?
Steemian 2: It's three point something.
Steemian 1: Oh really? I guess I have to cash out later.


@Julsmlz writing a blog for Steemit or interacting, which is which?


The Cebu Beatbox Group at front!


Cebu Steem Summit overall head @ybanezkim26 holding a certificate of appreciation for one of the supposed speakers.


Talking about Steemit or lovelife? Hmmm...


Seriously listening to @jassennessaj' speech.


Watch out girls, someone's reading!


Chatting on Discord perhaps? That's @Ninyea.


@TheManualbot, @Fernwehninja and @julsmlz talking about bringing Steem to the moon.


Introducing the youngest Steemian in the house! Yeah yow!


Some quiet moment for these two.


Sir @Morken's talking about the "Beauty of Steemit as the Right Opportunity and the Future Plans for Cebu Community". Salute to you sir for laying that out very entertainingly right on point!


Girls @Smaeunabs and @Olaivart at the back and some boys listening to, was it still Jassen?


The man @Jassennessaj!


The sweet lady on stage @thegaillery


Hey sir @Juichi! wave, wave, wave


From left to right: @Olaivart @Smaeunabs @Junebride @Jassennessaj maam, sorry I wasn't able to get your username and @Juichi


Hi there @Xsasj!


The beat box team headed by @jaderpogi


Talented individuals from left to right: @legendarryll, @Nikkabomb @ybanezkim26, @olaivart and @Smaeunabs


Some serious talks with @themanualbot


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I am glad I finally met you in person! I always see your blogs but I had no idea about the beautiful face behind it! Thank you for the nice chat we had nd is it okay if I copy that picture? I like it!

Sha :)

hi sha! of course you can use the photo! it was nice to meet you too!

Yess thanks! Maybe I will stick it on my photowall back home :)

Wow you covered so many priceless moments with your camera, it's beautiful and amazing, I think you will remember this for a long time

yes indeed..thanks for passing by!

Halakaa uyy!!! :) Ka-cute sa baby.. hehehe :) maypa siya kay naka-apil sa Steem Summit. haha :D

haha youngest dai

Wahaha! Akong nawong baya! :) Thanks for this Madam! ;)

you're welcome...ubay ubay sad imong picture dre d ay.hehe

unsay ubay-ubay? :O uyab-uyab ra akong kaibaw-an! hahaha. btaw oy, wa ko kblo unsay ubay-ubay, mem! :)

How wonderful <3

thanks sis!

Ayan ang ayaw ko pag mag-attend ako ng meetup. Ayaw ko ma-picture. hahaha.

Mang regards si Darwin Legara, akong kauban nga Teacher sa Canduman.

regards sad ko niya..paapila na nya na xa dre.hehe dugay nami wala magkita anang darwin bah.

Cge ko pamugos niya mam. Dili jud. Unsa daw iyang ibutang. Hahhahah

aw.. sayang ang opportunity..ako na sad na xa gishareran before.. asa man xa karon? wala man xa pakita namo.hehe

Ka batch mi sud sa public. Unya, nag senior high school na siya. Bag o ra to nahuman sa iyang masteral