Where was @brokemancode after the Steem Summit Program?

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After some of steemians went home, me and the other working steemians had fun together. I would like to share to the readers what happened after the event took place through this short post.
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Me lying down after the event

1. We ate our lunch

We planned on taking our lunch before the event starts but a lot of steemians were so early that we need to cancel on eating our meals and do our tasks and duties. I ate my lunch after the event since I was busy preparing the presentations and music. Good thing the "empanada" was there ready to eat, so while the event was ongoing, I ate the tasty empanada. I am so sorry if I was not to take a photo of us eating because we were so hungry haha. We forgot to document our eating session.

2018-04-24 10.42.39 1.jpgCalligraphy sessions

2. Do calligraphy sessions

We had calligraphy sessions with @reewritesthings @redspider @wandergirl @xaydtrips and @anneporter. I had a hard time doing it and I realized it requires some serious skills.

3. Cleaned and organized some things

The other exhibit entries that were not claimed were gathered by @xaydtrips. So if you were not present during the event, you can claim your entry from her.

2018-04-24 10.48.59 1.jpgWorking steemians chilling for a while

4. Talk and take pictures

We had our pictures taken because we didn’t have time to do so during the event. Some of the working steemians talked and chilled for a while.

5. Went home

@wandergirl @reewritesthings and @redspider went home because some of us reside far away from the place. After we left, @surpassinggoogle arrived. Too bad we left just in time he arrived.

2018-04-23 10.07.29 2.jpg@jsmalila @jan.lives me and @anneporter

2018-04-24 10.58.02 1.jpg@xsasj @belvaj and me

me and @reewritesthings

Steem summit was really a fun and successful event. I hope there are more events like this in the upcoming future!


haha! Kita jud mi ni @reewritesthings paghigda nimo fred. haha! Nagkatawa mi sa luyo.

Na picturan jd ko paghigda haha

Wa na nakaya sa iya lawas hahaha

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