The Physics In Real Life - How to Shoot Like Roberto Carlos -Curve Free Kick

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Roberto Carlos

After I watch this video in Youtube, I wondering how can Roberto do such that kicks . No doubt ! Physics is the answer . The ball that Roberto Carlos kicks is curve because effected by the Magnus Effect . So what is Magnus Effect guys ? Continue your read okay .

When you kicks a ball off center it will causes the ball spin . Ball curves during flight are determine by the direction and the ball speed . It also same principles in the baseball games . When Zack Greinke throw and he will impart fast spin and will causes the ball to curve during the ball flight.


Zack Greinkei

How ?

The ball curve during flight also known as Magnus Effect :



When the ball spin , there are friction between the ball and air .This will causes the air to react the direction of spin a ball.

The clockwise rotation in the figure) is show that the ball in a top spin, air velocity around the top half ball will less then air velocity the bottom half of the ball .

At the top half of the ball the velocity are opposite with the air direction meanwhile the bottom half of the ball velocity is same as the air direction .

The pressure at the top half of the ball is more bigger then the pressure of the bottom half of the ball ,this is because the air velocity at the top half is less then the bottom half of the ball .

The downward net force(F) will react on the ball . Bernoulli Principle said that When the velocity of the air decreases , the air pressure is increases or vice versa .



When you kick left center of the ball , ball will spin clockwise and it will make the magnus force acts to the right ,the ball will curve to right . Meanwhile , when you kick right center of the ball , ball will spin anti-clockwise and the magnus force will acts to the left , the ball will curve left .


This such ball kick can make the goal keeper will less predictable and GOALLL because it makes it path !!



Physics is great right ? In football also we can use physics concept to make a curve ball . Thanks for reading guys ! Below is the curve ball that makes by Ronaldinho . Don't forget to watch !


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So , now we know that whatever we do , activities ,works and so on . It's related to #physics .

Physics Make Your Life Perfect

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