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Good day fellow Steemians. Today, we look at the topic Time travel. I am sure many would/wouldn’t have heard the words before.

Time travel, is it a hoax, joke, ruse, deception, fraud, and trick or it is real and original. We will get to know during the course of this article if Time travel is a hoax or reality.

Time travel basically means moving between different points in time. You can either move forward into the future or backward into the past. Imagine travelling 100 years in just one hour. It is mind-boggling to think about time travel. What if you went back and stop your mother and father meeting? That means you wouldn’t have been born! If you hadn’t born, you couldn’t have time-travelled to prevent the meeting. In the superhero film X-Men: Days of the future past, Logan travelled back into the past to stop the assassination of the President by Magneto. This is fiction, but is it possible to happen in reality.


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We measure time passage in seconds, minutes, hours, years, decades, centuries, and millenniums, but this doesn’t mean time flow at a constant rate. Just as a river water gushes or slows down depending on the channel, weight of debris in it, time flows at different rates, in different regions or places. In scientific terms, TIME is relative. For instance the hands of a clock inside a speeding train, bus move more slowly than that of a stationary clock in your house, hostel, office etc.


According to Albert Einstein special relativity theory which says that time slows down or speeds up depending on how fast you move relative to something else. One way to achieve time travel is travelling at the speed of light in space. Light travels at 299,792 kilometers per second in a vacuum. This mean that scientists will have to build a space ship that can travel at the speed of light and head out into space.


Imagine you go out for 3 months and you turn around, and come back for three months. While you are travelling at the speed of light, time stays slow relative to the people who are staying back on earth. As a result, you will be going fast, while your clock will be going slow. When you get out of your ship, you will be 6 months old, but earth will be many years older. Earth would have gone thousands, millions of years depending on how close you are travelling to the speed of light.
There are problems associated with time travel.

  • Getting a space ship that can travel at the speed of light. The fastest space ship currently travels at 213,480 km/h

  • A machine travelling at the speed of light will require an unimaginable amount of energy

  • Stress from the centrifugal force will prove fatal on the body


While time travel does not appear possible NOW. Recent advances in quantum theories may help overcome time travel paradoxes. I am very confident that time travel into the future is possible, but we would need to develop some very advanced sophisticated technology to accomplish it.

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NOTE Travelled and Traveled are the same and both correct.
Travelled is British English
Traveled is American English


Time travel has already been proven and done. The Hafele–Keating experiment was used to prove relativity. They placed an atomic clock in a plane and flew around the earth, afterward they compared it to one on the ground. Their was a difference.
Granted a person can only travel forward in time at the moment but it is still possible. Considering time is directly related to velocity and reference frames the planes time dilation was very insignificant relative to people on the ground.

In addition, a person could approach the speed of light without it being fatal. It is the rate at which one changes velocity that causes problems. If you were to slowly build speed then you should be fine.
Think how fast the earth is moving around the sun and how fast its rotating. At any individual point you are moving 10s of thousands of miles per hour relative to the sun. It's not overall speed that hurts but rather a sudden change.


Thanks. You got it. Nice example

I think we physicist will understand and appreciate this post better.

Yes. I believe others will understand too because of the way I simplified the topic

Of all that science and technology has achieved, it can rewind the time.

Haha I used to wonder which was correct Travelled or Traveled. Thanks for the info. Anything is possible these days perharps time travel will soon be real